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I return to the OP and others talking about throwing trash in the ocean and ask, "What is the problem you're having and trying to address?" Are you cruising months without going near shore? Is it cans, cardboard, glass? The example used of wine bottles just seems so obvious to me, that you rinse it and put it right back where you got it. If you don't go anywhere for more wine, then the space is available. If you go for more, then that's where you dispose of the bottle.

I just don't grasp the burden that is forcing people to dump in the ocean. Perhaps those who spend months at sea and far from any land, but I don't know many of those active here and the ones I do know are not the ones indicating a problem.

I choose not to litter but it's not just because of laws against littering. I've never been in a situation in which it was necessary. Even if it's cans, crush them and you have less than you brought with you. Even cardboard, less than at the start. Only thing we put in the water is food. So will someone please explain the need and desire to me.

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