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Originally Posted by charlesamilton View Post
thank you to all, your advice is much appreciated. I am a nubie with big dreams but I dont have my head up my.....I plan on learning all I can and then making an "educated" decision, to tell you the truth the loop is looking better and better but the clear water of St Johns just seems to be calling rather than the mud of the mississippi, thanks again to all
Wifey B: If I could only do one....Loop wins.

Seriously of all the boating adventures we've undertaken, none tops the loop while many others stand high and tall. At any rate, the loop is great for the first great adventure you take. All sorts of waters. Beautiful blue of the Gulf to the cold of Lake Superior and ocean to rivers. Still it's more than the waters. It's the history of all the different areas of the country. Yet it requires no special boat. Then after the loop you can explore the Bahamas and then if the Caribbean still beckons by then you're much better prepared.
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