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I would first look at which boat gives you the layout and accommodations you want. Don't pay any attention to fuel economy. They will all be within 15% at 7 kts although the TT35 may be worse due to its gasoline outboards.

Then unless you plan to sit at a marina with shore power connected, look at how you will power a 16,000 btu A/C which you will probably be running 24/7 in that climate. It will take a 3.5-5.0 KW generator. The Seapiper will again be at a disadvantage as there are few if any gas powered below decks generators and you don't want to carry two sources of fuel nor do you want an air cooled portable generator running all night. If one of the boats doesn't have a generator already installed, look at where you can install one. That may not be easy with these boats.

The Beneteau would be my first choice because I know it meets all of the above.

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