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Sell the boat and buy what you really want.

Irish Lady
1984 Monk 36 Hull #46
Currently in Cape May NJ
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A lot of great advice! More cons than pros obviously but I have food for thoughts. I don't think it would make sense from an economic point of view. But then again I completely refitted the boat over the last 8 years and I really like everything about it. Except the lack of extra speed when I need it. It's not something I'm contemplating for the near future but I know I'm about to reach a point where it will be either that or I get a bigger/faster boat. And then I start all over again with the never ending project list. Lol
Thanks a lot for the input.

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Originally Posted by jleonard View Post
I for one believe you will benefit and like the additional power.
I have experience in powering up" an old boat. I had an old 34 Mainship and replaced the original anemic Perkins 160 with a Cummins 6BTA 270 and the additional ponies made a great boat an outstanding boat.
Originally it was an 8 know cruiser, topped out at 10.5.
After the repower it cruised easily at 13/14 knots and topped at 18.5.
And for those many times I cruised at the "original" 8 knot pace I got about 50% better economy measured in nautical mile per gallon.
I say power up.

Makes a huge difference what hull one is powering up. Leonard's M34 has a very straight and w flat bottom at the transom. Narrow entry fwd kinda like a big wedge. Great for 20 knots .. maybe even more depending on weight.

But adding power to a CQR for example won't get you much beyond a big wake. Don't know the hull in question but it's probably not nearly as good as the M34 for more speed. If it has a straight run aft and not too much weight Leonard's comments are at least applicable if not spot on.

I would say to the OP find some other boats w the same hull as his and w more power and inquire as to their performance.

Lots of variables can make repowering fairly economical but I would make serious planing and cost estimates first.

But faster boats don't sell well so the OP selling and buying a faster boat could be quite economical. "Flip'in" boats is not a common pastime but if your a good salesman and like detailing ....

North Western Washington State USA
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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
But faster boats don't sell well so the OP selling and buying a faster boat could be quite economical. "Flip'in" boats is not a common pastime but if your a good salesman and like detailing ....
Actually my Mainship sold in one day at my asking price. New(er) engine, fast when desired, better economy at hull speed were the reasons.

Jay Leonard

New Port Richey,Fl
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