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$100 for a rebuild of an injector line?! My goodness, one may purchase brand new lines from American Diesel for $90. Brian could have them shipped to you probably in less time than to have one rebuilt. I know cuz I bought one last year to replace the spare I used to replace the cracked line that I experienced underway in the St. John's River. Sprayed fuel all of the engine. A nice mess to clean up. Fortunately, we had six spare lines aboard.

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Just remember that if you are messing with hydraulic leaks with the engine running that the pressure is high enough to inject you with fuel too. Very hazardous, be careful.

Don't believe everything that you think.
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Hello Cal sailors

My original cal cruising 46 hull no 5 came with a Perkins 4.236 engine

For years I could only do max of 14 to 1600 RPM on cruising (6-7 knots)

After much trouble turns out the injectors where clogged or partially clogged

And the marine growth build up in the heatexchanger impeded cruising at higher RPM

cuz of over Heating

NOW that I've got all that resolved, the boat wants to fly

Now I can do 2200 to 2400 RPM in a heartbeat and cruise at 8.5 to 8.7 knots

And water gushes out in the back exhaust like Niagara Falls

What I have discovered now is,

After a 4 hrs trip to Catalina island, (from Marina del Rey ) a mere 28 nautical

Miles away, my engine oil is LOW and requires a top off 1 to 1.5 quarts of oil!

ITS BURNING OIL at much higher rpm

The engine runs smoothly, no overheating no black or blue smoke, good sound

I do see a slight white fog coming out of the exhaust but that may

Be from the coldness of the water and the fact the exhaust spends 1/3 of time

Underwater while cruising

But this oil loss is really annoying and worrisome

The engines runs so well though

The engine hours barely reads 1250 hrs

Had the injector pump and injectors rebuilt last year

The oil and antifreeze is clean, no cross contamination, no visible leak anywhere

Any advise?

I have not tried running at just 15-1600 to see if this persists

Would appreciate any thoughts

Cal Cruising 46
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Great info!!
No leaks now but with 2 and they are now 39yrs old will keep in a file for use if and when a leak develops.
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Unsure of your plumbing but if you have oil cooler, oil side tube leak sends oil into the shell side water which oil then gets shipped out exhaust with the water.
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Very useful article! Especially with the part/order numbers and link. I have the Marlin Ford Lees Marine with same pump. Regarding the steel and copper washer, why are both included in the kit and why did you use the steel ones rather than the copper please? Thanks

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