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City: Oceanside, CA
Vessel Name: Cantankerous
Vessel Model: 1986 CHB Sun Deck 42'
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42' 1986 CHB Sundeck listing to port

We have checked fuel and water tanks and they appear equalized. But the boat
lists noticeably to port. Only difference I can see is the dinghy crane is on the aft port side. Could this be causing the approx. 4" list at the aft corners. Any recommendations of corrective action would be appreciated.
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City: South FL
Vessel Name: Oliver
Vessel Model: Nordhavn 47 Hull# 12
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Lead ballast? Our 47' Nordhavn has a natural list to port with fuel tanks equalized, we also have lead ballast. but we just transfer fuel from the port tank to starboard to correct the list.
Thanks, Oliver
M/V Oliver
Nordhavn 47 Hull #12
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City: Oak Harbor WA.
Vessel Name: Slow Flight
Vessel Model: CHB 45
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Can you move batteries around? We have 4 8D's and the Gen on the Stb side along with the fridge, microwave and the head. Move all that to the center and I could see quite a list to Port. We also have to transfer fuel or water sometimes to get balance, but 4 inches seems like a lot. Good luck, and welcome aboard.
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City: Slicker?
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Mr. Joe. Welcome aboard. If the boat is listing naturally the tanks will equalize to that list IF the crossover is open thereby adding nothing to the correction weight. Likewise if the tanks are at equal level and the valve is closed.
As Mr. Q suggested, relocation of heavy "stuff" might straighten you up. I would ask how heavy is the crane and how far outboard from the center-line is it? How much weight would you have to put on the starboard side to straighten the boat. Try an experiment.
Go to the local store and buy, say, 40 cases of beer (about 800 lbs.) Invited 3 or four of your friends over (gender not an issue for experimental purposes although the "freinds" posted by Mr. Alemao (Favorite pictures thread post #93, frame #'s 2 and 3) would suffice quite nicely). Since only 4 "friends" were shown, you'll probably need more beer, due to females weighing less than males, unless they have some friends.
Put everything on the port side (friends+beer) and see if you've removed the list. If not, buy more beer, say another 40 cases (add another 800 lbs.). Check again to see if you've removed the list.
Now, I'm NOT a naval architect but I would suspect exact placement of the weight (friends+beer) might be somewhat critical necessitating careful piling of the beer (dead weight) and posing of the "friends" (live weight).
Having achieved a level stance you should then easily how much weight you have to shift and/or add.
In the event you've overcompensated you will, of course have to adjust by REMOVING some of the added weight from the starboard side. I would suggest doing this in a controlled and even manner to maximize experimental results. Since the most ACCURATE way is to slowly remove weight it might be best if everyone drank one beer each. Empty bottles/cans would have to be removed ashore during consumption so as to not skew results.
Continue removing weight until arriving at a position of stasis. NOW yu ca figer it ote..........Peasy easy...

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City: Ex-Brisbane, (Australia), now Bribie Island, Qld
Vessel Name: Now boatless - sold 6/2018
Vessel Model: Had a Clipper (CHB) 34
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Level…who sheeez a boat hasta be level…jussshaslongasshhh it'shhh floatin' isshhh ok with me...
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Vessel Model: Custom Built 38
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One boat here had a list, and guy wanted lead to trim it. Crawled around the boat and found lead already on the high side. Crawled around some more and found lead on the low side too!! That one was easy, move lead from low side to high side. Still ended up taking some lead off the boat.

Boats are rarely symmetrical. More heavy stuff on one side or the other. You either accept it or move weight around. Batteries are nice to use as trim, but a PITA to move. On mine, if I want level trim, my port tank must have a little more fuel than stbd. No big deal, though, if it leans a bit.
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