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Albin Pump Water Heater?

Time to replace our boat's water heater. We have an Atwood EHM6-SM and it's deteriorated to the point where you need a hazmat suit to deal with the stank if you run water through it. Of course like most boat parts suppliers and manufacturers it seems no company is around for more than five minutes and Atwood got eaten by Dometic in maybe 2016 and now I can't get a new matching replacement, although Kuuma and Seaward are pretty close. They're both aluminum tanks though ("Alclad" or not) and I'd rather not do aluminum again. On the other hand I'd rather not spend nearly four figures on a Raritan or Torrid. It looks like this Swedish company just introduced these in Sept 2018 but I found zero reviews on them anywhere. Has anyone tried one of these, any opinions? Ceramic coated tank, the specs look good for the price, three year warranty, but I wonder if anybody has any experience with them. Thanks very much.

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When our Atwood tank literally rusted to death I replaced it with an Isotemp. 316 stainless tank and heat exchanger, poly outside, standard with a mixing valve so the hot water lasts longer. NOT very expensive. 8 gallon about $500. No internal anode rod, no weird aluminum corrosion to worry about. Others here also have this brand and everyone I know of likes them, including me.


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The only issue with the Isotherm is the non standard heating running t the oca hardware of box store fr a replacement.

Good news is mine is only 750W which is easy on power but it's design still warms fast.
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I endorse psneeld and kchase.
We use a 'Hotpot' which is the same idea, fully insulated 850 watt heater, mixer valve etc
We bought ours from ASAP Supplies. I know they're in the UK but ask them if they have an agent near you, they have a 'can do' attitude so they'll certainly ship it to you.
When fitting be aware of the height of the top of your engine and the height of the calorifier, they need to be virtually the same to stop thermal circulation.
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You’re right to avoid aluminum tanks. I cut one open once, nasty!
I don’t know about the Albin but with a stainless tank it should be ok. Opt for the mixer kit. It will allow you to run the heater safely at a higher temperature which will give you more usable hot water.

I like the Isotemp Spa series. Stainless tank, mixing valve and reasonable price.
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Vessel Name: Xanadu
Vessel Model: Mainship 37 Motor Yacht
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Resurrecting and old thread, thanks very much for the advice everyone. We went with the Albin heater after all. Seems like very good quality. Spiffy looking round blue tank, 8 gal that fit nicely in the 6 gal square model space, heat exchanger with the engine. Zero smell, that noxious hydrogen sulfide smell from the old heater is completely gone. Very happy. Well see how the new heater performs this season.
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For many reasons Any fresh water system should be fitted with an accumulator. One is it gives cold water a place to expand as its heated., another is your FW pump parts may last a lit longer.

BEWARE not all accumulators are created for potable water.
The ones made for HW heating systems may not be, those for well pumps will be.

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