View Poll Results: How much vacation time off do you get per year?
Vacation? What's that? Seriously, I struggle to get any so boating is only weekends. 4 2.96%
1 or 2 weeks a year. Standard US vacation time. 8 5.93%
3 or 4 weeks a year. Better than 1 or 2 but not great. 21 15.56%
5 or 6 weeks a year. Still working but now getting decent time off. 26 19.26%
7 to 10 weeks a year. I've reached the point of substantial time to play. 6 4.44%
11 to 17 weeks a year. Oh boy. Now this is getting good. I'll share my secret...maybe. 2 1.48%
18 to 34 weeks a year. Half work, half play. Those with 4 on and 4 off would fit here too. 3 2.22%
35 to 48 weeks a year. I'm mostly retired. Work less than 4 months a year. 7 5.19%
I'm retired but still do some work. Just very flexible and control my schedule. 12 8.89%
I'm fully retired. No work. Outgrew that. Play, play, play. 46 34.07%
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Old 12-11-2018, 05:56 PM   #21
drb1025's Avatar
City: Bellevue, WA
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Fiddler
Vessel Model: DeFever 46
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 674
Iím 60, retired 5 years ago, and live 30 minutes from my boat in Seattle.

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Old 12-11-2018, 05:58 PM   #22
Wayfarer's Avatar
City: Oneida Lake, NY
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Sylphide
Vessel Model: Kingston Aluminum Yacht 44' Custom
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From April to January I work month on, month off. I get two to three months off in the winter, depending on how the lakes freeze. It generally works out to about 6 months of work per year on average

I'm currently in between boats, but when I did have one, I kept it about 15 minutes away, and would visit the boat probably 4-5 days a week when I was home during summer season. I rarely slept aboard, since my bed at home was about 1000% more comfortable and was only a short drive away from the marina.

I'm really looking forward to having a boat that I can keep in the water all year. Some summers I'd only get about 4 good weeks with the boat, which really makes all the work and money hard to justify. I can't wait to be able to replace these long, dark winters with cruising adventures.

Just be nice to each other, dammit.
The Adventures of Sylphide
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Old 12-11-2018, 06:10 PM   #23
RT Firefly's Avatar
City: Slicker?
Country: Bumpkin?
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Ms. WB. "But you already have 52 1/2 weeks a year vacation." Well DUH!!! Why do you think I picked the 4% raise?

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Old 12-11-2018, 06:17 PM   #24
alormaria's Avatar
City: Trenton
Country: USA
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 1,241
Retired for 2 years and 20 minutes from the boat.

Oh, and then there were those 3 years in my 40's but that was just a trial retirement.
Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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Old 12-11-2018, 06:53 PM   #25
MurrayM's Avatar
City: Kitimat, North Coast BC
Country: Canada
Vessel Name: Badger
Vessel Model: 30' Sundowner Tug
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Posts: 6,525
I was semiretired until the age of 32, got a real job that started at 3 weeks vacation a year, and now get 6 weeks off per year.

Would I take a 4% raise instead of 2 more weeks vacation? No way!

I'm betting that in my last days I'll find more value in memories made, than monies in the bank.

We're a 10 minute drive from the boat & will retire in less than two years...unless I leave a year early for 'Quality of Life' reasons. (See paragraph above).
"The most interesting path between two points is not a straight line" Murray Minchin
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Old 12-11-2018, 07:01 PM   #26
TF Site Team
Insequent's Avatar
City: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Vessel Name: Insequent
Vessel Model: Ocean Alexander 50 Mk I
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 2,913
Retired now, but had 4 weeks pa when employed. Boat is 15 minutes away by bicycle, but I drive when I have a pile of stuff to cart to or from it. Seems to happen a lot!
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Old 12-11-2018, 07:15 PM   #27
Lou_tribal's Avatar
City: Quebec
Country: Canada
Vessel Name: Bleuvet
Vessel Model: Custom Built
Join Date: Jan 2016
Posts: 4,002
5 weeks and a day of vacation per year, plus 11 holidays, so placed wisely I get 6 weeks of per year. My wife has re or less the same but get off work 6 months every 2 years. Boat is 45min drive from home, season is from end of may to mid October. However we also have other things to do during our vacations, like dive trip during winter (2 to 3 weeks in misc. Caribbean islands depending on the year) or travel to Europe to visit family (every 2 years). Overall we are spending st of the weekend aboard and 2 to 4 weeks vacation aboard. As an example, next year will be 2 weeks for a diving trip, 1 week with visiting family and 3 weeks cruise + weekends aboard.

Cannot wait to be able to spend the full season aboard!

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Old 12-11-2018, 08:00 PM   #28
O C Diver's Avatar
City: Fort Myers, FL... Summers in Crisfield, MD
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Slow Hand
Vessel Model: Cherubini Independence 45
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 9,428
So I'm 60 and now fully retired. My 2nd current and final wife is 9 days younger and will likely work till 67. Someone needs to bring home the healthcare. She was a university dean (living 1,000 miles from home) until this past summer when she took a graduate professor position 3 miles from home. Interestingly, as a dean, she usually had 5 weeks of vacation a year. As a graduate studies professor with full rank and tenure, she has a little over 4 months a year. After factoring out additional housing costs, airfare home, and taxes, there was less than a 5% take home pay cut for a 250% increase in vacation time.

From age 26 to 46 I was self employed with a retail storefront. Averaged less than 1 week of vacation per year (although I throughly enjoyed my work). Towards the end, my salary declined every year as shopping online took over. At 46 I closed the storefront, ran my charter business, technical diving instruction, and repair work out of a building at our home. My vacation time increased to 6 months per year and my salary doubled. Wished I'd figured that out 10 years earlier.

I'm less than 40 minutes from the boat in both FL and MD.

I'm tired of fast moves, I've got a slow groove, on my mind.....
I want to spend some time, Not come and go in a heated rush.....
"Slow Hand" by The Pointer Sisters
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Old 12-11-2018, 08:10 PM   #29
Senior Member
City: Warwick RI
Country: US
Vessel Name: Lollygag
Vessel Model: 34 Mainship Pilot Hardtop
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 413
We are 30min to the marina, try to spend every weekend out along with some extended weekends mid may-oct. This year we are hoping to do a couple of extended trips one being Block Island race week to watch our friends team take the cup. My job gives me 5 weeks of vac and flex time but cannot take it all during the summer due to issues that may come up at work unfortunately my wife only gets a few weeks. I spend the extra time working on the boat and fly fishing.
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Old 12-11-2018, 08:56 PM   #30
City: Missoula Montana
Country: United States
Vessel Model: Looking to buy
Join Date: Nov 2018
Posts: 13
5 months. Nov 1st to April 1st.
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LaBomba's Avatar
City: Beaverton, Ontario
Country: Canada
Vessel Name: Looking Glass
Vessel Model: Carver 370 Voyager
Join Date: Nov 2012
Posts: 1,239
We have both been retired long enough that we have to ask each other what day of the week it is and neither one of us knows so we look at the cell phone. Busier than ever and loving it.We live on the boat April to October and would be on it all year if the water up here didn't get hard in the winter.
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Old 12-11-2018, 10:08 PM   #32
menzies's Avatar
City: Jacksonville
Country: USA
Vessel Name: SONAS
Vessel Model: Grand Alaskan 53
Join Date: May 2014
Posts: 6,905
I have six and a half Saturdays and a half Sunday in my week.
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Old 12-11-2018, 10:33 PM   #33
Simi 60's Avatar
City: Queensland
Country: Australia
Vessel Model: Milkraft 60 converted timber trawler
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 2,774
Haven't worn a watch in thirty years, retired in my 40s and the unmarried wife several years later at 50.
The day she finished work was pretty much the day we finalised the deal on our current boat.
Moved aboard straight away and haven't been in a marina since.
That was over two years ago.
Living the dream (-;
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Old 12-12-2018, 12:40 AM   #34
AusCan's Avatar
City: Adelaide
Country: Australia
Vessel Name: Kokanee
Vessel Model: Cuddles 30 Pilot House Motor Sailer
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 3,051
Vacation Time...How much do you have?

I spent most of my working life on an equal time roster. Either 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off or 4 weeks on / 4 weeks off. For much of that I also had an additional 4 weeks annual leave. That equates to 30 weeks off per year.

To earn this I worked anything up to 126 hours per week during my time on; and in isolated and inhospitable environments such as deserts, the arctic and war zones.

At the moment Iíve cut it back a bit and work about 3 months per year.
The boast is 15 minutes away, so plenty of time to enjoy.
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Old 12-12-2018, 12:44 AM   #35
cardude01's Avatar
City: Victoria TX
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Bijou
Vessel Model: 2008 Island Packet PY/SP
Join Date: Nov 2012
Posts: 4,713
Vacation Time...How much do you have?

Iím 53 and retired.

Boat is currently 1163 miles from my house currently so it is not getting much use. The plan was to take some long trips on the boat after retiring and since both kids are off in college, but that hasnít happened yet sadly. Other stuff going on that seems to be taking up our time. Iím always the one pushing for more boat time because my wife is not as interested in it. With the boat so far away I have to admit itís been hard to stay excited about boating. I suppose I need to move it back to Texas soon or get rid of it.

Maybe after our planned Bahamas trip this April-May we will get more excited again.
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Old 12-12-2018, 01:09 AM   #36
Senior Member
fractalphreak's Avatar
City: La Conner, WA
Country: United States
Vessel Name: Northwest Dream
Vessel Model: Davis Vashon 42 Trawler (Defever design)
Join Date: Jun 2018
Posts: 306
I get 16 hrs and change vacation a month, so almost 5 weeks per year. I typically can't take off for 5 weeks at a time though, so I usually try for two 10 day to 2 week mini vacations in the summer months, and use a day or two here or there the rest of the year. With the endurance of the new boat I will probably try for at least one 3 week vacation this summer.

With the new boat we're not sure on the annual use pattern, it will be much more inviting for overnight dock stays or overnight weekend trips than our old one because its got so many more amenities. The old boat we usually managed 25-30 nights aboard each year, even when I had less vacation accrual. Ping me in a year, but I am betting we get closer to 40-50 nights a year on this one. Boat is about 20 minutes away from home. I'm on her 2 days a week right now, but not overnight and its still all work, no play, in a dry yard!
"There exist minds that think as well as you do, but differently."
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Old 12-12-2018, 07:02 AM   #37
TF Site Team
Pack Mule's Avatar
City: Paris,TN
Country: USA
Vessel Name: William
Vessel Model: Outer reef 32
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We started young. Married at 17 and twin daughters at 18. I’ve worked as a machinist or in construction all of my life . One to two weeks vacation is normal for this kind of work. Now I work for a hardwood lumber company in sales. I will be ther 15 years this year, maybe I could get another week off.I would like to start working from home before to long. I’m 10 minutes from work and we’re only 20 minutes from the boat.
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Old 12-12-2018, 08:19 AM   #38
jleonard's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 3,999
Currently retired for the past 2 years, living in Florida (central west coast) winters (8 months) and living on the boat summers in Connecticut.
Prior to that we lived 1 hour 45 minutes away from the boat. We did Friday night to Sunday night (or Monday morning) for about 25 years prior. As a manufacturing and design engineer I was lucky that I never had to work but a handful of weekends during that time. Started at 2 weeks vaca and went to 5 then back to 2 for a while when I changed jobs.
Maybe one or two more summers on the boat, then I'm out of big boats.
Got a 17 ft center console here in Fl that we try to use once a week (but it's been cold here lately).
Jay Leonard

New Port Richey,Fl
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Old 12-12-2018, 09:29 AM   #39
Seevee's Avatar
City: st pete
Country: usa
Vessel Model: 400 Mainship
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 2,485
Guess I've been lucky....

Out of college I taught school for a few years, had no money, didn't know what a boat was and was miserable. They told me I had to work Mondays. I said, "every Monday?" They said yes, so I quit.

Moved to FL, opened my own business and once I got it going with a good manager, had 3 day weekends all the time. Couldn't take much more than a week or two vacation but that was fine with the boating I did. We also did a lot of light plane flying where it was easy to get around quickly. The boats were all small, 24 or less stuff back then.

Didn't take long to realize that living in a tent on the water was better than a mansion off the water so I've had great water access since mid 80s, and absolutely no regrets. Having fast access to the boat is absolutely paramount! If it's easy, you'll do it.

Also, had other jobs but mostly had flexibility in my schedule for fun and other things.

Retired but still do a bit of work in real estate, but very little. The stuff I have pretty much runs itself. But, need something to keep the mind sharp and figure out what day of the week it is.

Always take time off to enjoy life..... the best day at work is often worse than the worst day at play.
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City: Fort Lauderdale
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Originally Posted by jleonard View Post
As a manufacturing and design engineer I was lucky that I never had to work but a handful of weekends during that time. Started at 2 weeks vaca and went to 5 then back to 2 for a while when I changed jobs.
That's a vacation policy I find absurd that one builds up over 25 years of work, then changes companies and they don't grandfather any of it. Now, I've known persons to make it a requirement of the job change and it was honored.

When I worked for an employer, I never took vacation in my 20's, but got married when 30 and it became very important to me. I already had 10 years there so got three weeks vacation. At 15 years it went to four weeks. That was the maximum but at 20 years, I negotiated five weeks. At 23 years, I changed to 52 weeks a year.

Now, my wife was a teacher but of the eight weeks she got, she'd take courses or work on projects at least three of them so averaged four to five weeks.

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