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Name that icky stuff...

Removed the windows from my sundeck flybridge for maintenance. There was a white putty like substance between the teak window sill and the fiberglass sundeck overhead. In working on the windows I removed the sticky stuff and now they creak when rubbing against the fiberglass. The white sticky stuff had not dried out in 26 years and I would like to replace it. Anybody know the name of the icky stuff?

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Sounds like a butyl caulk compound to me. Mine wasn't dry after over thirty years.

Replaced all of mine with butyl tape. Same as the caulk just easier to work with. A moderator on sells it. Screen name of mainsail or mainesail, he has a tutorial thread I posted here a few weeks ago. I can't find it now as I'm on my Android.


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You can buy grey Butyl tape at many hardware store including Lowe. Don't ask fo it by that name ask for tape used to seal steel building or roofing panels, it comes in a large roll and is very inexpensive.
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Could it have been Dolfinte? That's what we bed our window frame in. It never really dries out unless exposed to air. On the other hand I wouldn't classify it as sticky other than to your hands. It is not an adhesive.
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Boatyard Bedding Compound is designed for bedding down deck hardware, molding cleats, padeyes, flanges, transoms, cabin trunks, keels, etc. Its surface hardens to make it receptive to paint, but remains soft and pliable underneath to provide waterproofing and flexibility. It prevents leaking and rotting between double planking joints.

This is similar to Dolfinite.
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Or it might have been Sikaflex...also used in places like that because it does not dry out and shrink.

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