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It would seem to me that a thief could easily turn off the AIS system, or simply cut the wire to the antenna. A hidden GPS unit can be defeated by a GPS signal jammer. The signal is not very strong and is pretty easy to defeat. Jammers can be bought or built. Something that jams a 30-40' range would cover most boats and can be turned on until the hidden GPS unit is located.

The argument that GPS jammers are illegal is not pertinent to someone stealing a boat.
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If theives wants to steal something, they're going to get it. Most of what anti-theft systems do is make the situation less attractive so the thieves hit some other target. Tracking helps with recovery, to be sure, but is only as effective as a thief's unawareness of it.

Given how much depends on GPS it'd be unlikely for more theft situations to involve blocking it. Turning off equipment, sure, but outright blocking of the radio signals through jamming is going to bring wider attention much too quickly to be useful. Anything's possible, of course, but very little is actually likely.

I think it's fair to say that if you want theft recovery based on GPS coordinates and uplink signals you're going to want to go with something designed for the purpose AND properly installed in a concealed manner. AIS using your boat's GPS and chartplotter system is probably not it.
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Ask the insurance co. if they have any recommendations. Maybe they don't but maybe they have a list of acceptable units so you don't spend a bunch of money/time that is not acceptable.
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Originally Posted by Rogerh View Post
My insurance company requires a GPS tracking system for theft protection.
Wow! Hopefully we don't see that for a while.

I still leave my keys in the ignition in case someone needs to move the boat.
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A large boat is so easy to disable , I would thief proof the boat , and gambol that thieves are not bright enough to steal it.
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