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AussieTrawler 10-24-2021 07:47 PM

Florida -> Bahamas -> Caribbean
Hi All - New member here.

I'm an Aussie living in California with my doggo. I owned a sailboat (Catalina 30) a few years back & have sailed quite a bit back home & along my travels.

I'm exploring the idea (no rush) of buying a quality trawler (looking at Marine Trader 50) to live aboard but not just docked. I work remotely and do not always need internet access. I don't have a big desire to be around people anymore & would quite happily live along the coast of nice clear waters hence thinking Florida, Bahamas & Caribbean direction. Just me & my doggo (who loves water).

As I have mostly sailed, curious to hear from any trawler owners (and sailors) that have roamed the seas around Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean. Time is irrelevant, finances are just fine (I understand buying & maintaining a boat empties our bank accounts) & will happily take some training from a local who knows whatever boat it is I choose to buy...

Initially just looking for insights & thoughts - do's & don'ts from Solo Boaters/Sailers who don't just stay at shore. Not interested in finding crew, a girlfriend or friends to come along with at this moment in time... Just experiences at sea with a trawler in the areas aforementioned - ideally solo ;)

Thanks in advance!

mvweebles 10-25-2021 07:27 AM

I assume "doggo" is long for dog. Having an easy means to access a dink is helpful. The Marine Trader 50 may not be great.

Lot of boat for a boy and his dog. Might find life afloat more accessible with something smaller. As a matter of fact, I'd start with what you need - A/C means a generator, you probably want a watermaker if you plan to cruise, etc. Then find an engine room that will comfortably fit the equipment. Buy thr boat that comes with the engine room


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