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GiggaFire 10-09-2019 07:38 PM

Someday Isle... introduction
Hello all. This is my first post so a big hello and thanks for letting me join the group. I'm guessing my past is similar to alot of you, i.e. my wife and I started boating many years ago and we have enjoyed 2 sailboats and 1 powerboat up to 32' LOA. Back in 2015 we had to hit the pause button while my wife had to undergo back surgery. We sold the boat and "thought" we would buy a small trawler the following summer, get some trawler experience, and then move up to a larger trawler for doing the loop upon retirement. Well, after 4 years and 3 back surgeries and lots of healing we decided to skip the "between" trawler and purchase our loop boat. I'll be retiring in just under 3 years so we feel this is our best option and will give us time to buy, fix, update, and make her ours before we start the loop journey. We have attended Trawlerfest to get on some boats and see what feels good. We started looking locally but there's not much in our area. We're located in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of Western NY... near Rochester. My local marina suggested I contact a broker to assist us in our quest, but unfortunately after a month, he hasn't even replied with any suggestions :nonono:. I'm hoping come spring there will be a few trawlers within a decent radius from our location.
So we have been shopping/looking on the Internet and "feel" we're interested in something along these lines:
40'+or- LOA
Single engine w/bow thuster
My first diesel so "Lehman" (something efficient and less comlicated to maintain and repair)
Easy on/off swim platform to boat, i.e. no climbing ladders

Okay, that's my entry. Anything anyone wants to throw out there would be appreciated. Until then, thanks again for such a great resource and community. :dance:

RT Firefly 10-09-2019 07:54 PM

Welcome aboard.

Comodave 10-09-2019 08:45 PM

Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear about your surgeries and back issues. We have gone through and are going through the same things. My wife has had 5 shoulder surgeries and I have had several back procedures and still have back issues. I have a couple of recommendations for you. When we were looking for our trawler we had a couple of must haves, one no vertical ladders and two no builtin furniture. We boat with a dog and with my wifeís shoulder no vertical ladders. With our back issues we like recliners instead of builtin furniture. Most people donít sit on the builtin furniture when they look at a boat long enough to find out it will work sitting there for hours to watch a movie or read a book. Most of the builtin furniture is way to upright for long term comfort. Good luck with your search, enjoy.

Seevee 10-09-2019 08:57 PM


Also, sorry for the surgeries ... they get in the way.

So you're shopping. I could argue that you list all your "must" haves, and "like" to have and shop accordingly.

And, what's your budget? Makes a big difference. And can you cruise at hull speed or do you want to go balls to the wall and make time.

Are creature comforts more important than convenience items and speed? Lots of choices.

JohnS 10-10-2019 08:05 PM

I recently saw a larger trawler with a Marquipt stair across the teansom from the swim step to the raused back deck.
I thought it a good idea.
Our dock neighbor has a Selene 46 which boards from the floating dock with only a 8 inch step up through a hull side door.
From the boats we have seen, it seems the larger ones are more likely to not have steps between areas of the boat.
Welcome, and good luck with your search.

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