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jgreene69 11-04-2017 07:38 AM

2009 Integrity 346 ES
If you want a new boat built on the Island Gypsy mold, take a serious look at the "Integrity" 346 ES. Just purchased mine & I love this little boat. Spacious engine room, cavernous storage and just a great "couples" trawler.

BruceK 11-06-2017 06:21 PM

Could you post a pic? There was a 35 with FB sold here based on Halvorsen moulds, it might have sold elsewhere as a 346ES.
There are a few 426ES Integrity boats around. Instantly recognizable as IG40 hulls, extended by moulding the swimstep as part of the hull.

gaston 11-06-2017 07:59 PM

Photos or it didn't happen

IRENE 11-06-2017 08:12 PM

Some details can be seen here:

2009 Integrity 346 ES - 6097660

BruceK 11-06-2017 09:25 PM

The same boat was sold here as an Integrity 350. See:
The Halvorsen lineage is apparent. But did they successfully reproduce the osmosis?

jgreene69 11-07-2017 07:54 AM

Posted pic...

jgreene69 11-07-2017 08:00 AM

The link that "Irene" shared is of my boat. "Open Return"... Thanks Irene....

Sagdito 11-07-2017 06:57 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Can see this is almost same mould as my 36 IG.

BruceK 11-07-2017 07:13 PM

I think Jiang Hua "acquired" the IG moulds. If I outlaid the $139USD + shipping for Mark Halvorsen`s book there might be more information.
Integrity normally installs singles unlike IG. Though the 426ES has twins, and I once only saw a 36ft 2006 or thereabouts boat sold with twins. It really resembled an IG36, updated, I think it had the "ES" descriptor.
So jgreene69,you should have a good handling hull courtesy of Harvey Halvorsen`s design work.Later boats seem to have more design input from Jiang Hua, to what effect I do not know.
Sagdito, what is your hull number? My 1981 boat is no.39.

Sagdito 11-07-2017 10:08 PM

Hull Num. 144

Southern Boater 09-23-2019 02:41 AM


Originally Posted by Sagdito (Post 607983)
Can see this is almost same mould as my 36 IG.

I realise this thread is more than two years old, but just have to say I saw this boat in the flesh recently in Tasmania and the only way to describe her is wow!
She is a real credit to her owners, well done indeed.

jgreene69 09-23-2019 08:42 AM

Which Model did you see?
I've recently seen an Integrity 346ES with twin Yanmars for sale In North Carolina. But in sad shape.

Southern Boater 11-03-2019 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by BruceK (Post 607735)
But did they successfully reproduce the osmosis?

Apparently yes is the answer Bruce, according to various boat repair locations around Pittwater.

Andy G 11-11-2019 10:12 PM

Osmosis was specifically an aftermarket option for IG's. It was automatically added, at no extra cost, once the vessel was launched.

The theory was that it provided added buoyancy. My boat is extremely buoyant!

BruceK 11-11-2019 10:33 PM

Osmosis was not optional with IGs.I`ve heard of "go fast" car stripes being "a delete option" but that wasn`t available either.

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