What does your BOW look like?

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Oct 6, 2007
This is a spin off from a different thread that got sidetracked.

Let's see those BOWS!!!
My boat willbe going into the yard this coming week. I will snap a few for you bow-curious folks!!!....not that there is anything special about it.

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We are off to a good start here... Willy, I like the finished wood on your boat. Gives it a unique style and class.

Don't slip anchor in front of me, I won't move... instead I'll just watch the floatsam pass on either side of me
This is the best I can do with the photos I have on hand....
Here is mine.* Just the way I like it.* Hi and Wide.


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"You want a bow shot? I've got your bow shot, right here."
You guys are too much! I busted a gut when I saw this new thread!!! Im still laughing!
I had to throw the last picture in for good measure, although I was working on the inside of the bow. Maybe we should start another thread on 101 positions!


PS: Hey Marin...how do you like your Rocna? I'm looking very hard at adding one with the Bruce. (Don't wana hi-jack the thread. Maybe I should start a new one...OK I think I will!)

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I thought we did this already, but here are some more. Had to throw in the wharf rat that ate most of my boat. Also a photo of the "Lady Washington" (made somewhat famous by her role in Pirates of the Carribean). And finally, the best bow shot I currently have, in a Labor Day raft up in Garrison Bay, San Juan Island. The GB next to me is our friend Marin, who you may have seen posting recently.
My bow...


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I think bows with mermaids are a lot more interesting than just plain old bows.*

The commercial have to vacate their net sheds by end of the year so they have been cleaning/thinning things out.* One of the old commercial retired has a figure head that I been lusting after for years.* Well, a couple of weeks ago he gave her to me with the condition that I would mount her on the bow of the Eagle as she has been in his family for years and they do not have a big boat anymore.*

So this winter will refurbish/pain her and in the spring mount her on the bow.* However, that metal anchor rolly thing will have to be extended so the anchor does not get hung up on her Ah, Err, thingies.* <^;{

So if you have a picture of a mermaid it world be a whole lot more interesting.*(-;*


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* I have heard it is bad etiquette to run the waterways with your fenders dangling over the side...

* Is it even worse to be on the hard with them dangling?

* Sorry El Sea, I couldn't help but mention it
Here's mine, at Offatt's bayou in Galveston.


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Not our bow but currently my favorite bow shot. This was taken during a film shoot I directed a couple of months ago. TrawlerForum's own Carey W. provided and skippered the chase boat. I had one camera on the chase boat and two on the ship. At the time this photo was taken, the "Lady Washington" was doing almost ten knots under every sail she could carry.


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Bow Porn....just put her in the yard today....


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Don't laugh, but this is what she looked like about 4-5 months ago and then again*a few weeks later. She's in the water now and I go do my acceptance trials and final inspection this saturday, but the*next good bow photo will probably only*be after delivery (just a couple weeks away now!).


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A bit skinny in the bow, but I am looking for a trawler.


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Here's a couple from when I did a bottom job in April.

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* Your second photo is great! The fenders look like eyeballs and your anchor makes a great nose. Check it out....
Here's a partial, with crewmember at work


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Gene, you're right. Just never looked at it that way!

And, Max, our boats sure look a lot alike out of the water from the cap rail down! And your crew is a little smaller than mine.


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What are the working boats in the background of your second shot? Fishboats, shrimp boats....? They look like they have nice designs.
Further to my last, here she is after my sea trials on Saturday, and just before bottom inspection. Still a bunch of things to be done including final bottom paint and boot stripe job.


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They are mostly Shrimp boats. There are a ton of them around here (Galveston Bay, Texas) There are also a lot of Oyster boats around here, but don't see any in that pic.
I've attached a pic of a shrimp boat that was in the yard at the same time so you can get a better look. Interestingly, this one is owned by a young couple, in their 20's. His Dad has a shrimp boat when he was growing up and he always wanted his own boat. It's a steel hull, and he was using a grinder with a wire brush attachment to take the entire hull to bare metal and using coal tar epoxy to seal it back. He is a tough kid, as that entire lifestyle is back breaking work! He was doing all this work himself, with a little help from Dad.

Hey, Boogiediver,
That's an interesting cradle that they are lifting your boat out of the water with. Is that a universal thing, or just made for that boat in particular? Never seeen it done quite that way.


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Beautiful, aint she?
Over the bow, leaving Solomon's Island at sunrise and the photo at left.


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Here is the BOW, followed by the WOW- get it? Bow Wow!

MV Patricia LouiseII
42 Present Sundeck
Twin Lehman 135's


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