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Aug 31, 2020
United States
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Californian 34
Great forum here with great people so Thank you all for the information I have already learned poking around before I was even registered. I hope to learn much more and I hope I can return the favor(s) in the future.

I am an old school Captain, in fact when I got my 200 ton license back in the 80's I was the youngest Captain on the coast. I have learned lots and hope to learn more. Of course I too have many what I "think" are great stories as most of us Sea Dogs do.. especially when you throw in the mixture of a fisherman.

My stories range from Long range sport-fishing deep into Mexico to diving in the beautiful Channel Islands.. In fact my fist job here in Santa Barbara was as the 2nd Captain on the now famous "Concepcion"(RIP - 1 yr anniversary coming up 9/2/20)

Other stories range from working in the film industry to crossing the Atlantic ocean on a (Trawler) named Lady Grace.. she was the picture boat for the film The Perfect Storm and the sister ship of the famous Andrea Gail that is no longer a float.

I am in the hunt for my dreamboat, Californian 34 and would most appreciative any tips or guidance some of you may have on my soon to be purchase... I will be searching all the data I can find in this forum from all you helpful experienced Captains.

I hope I can bring value here.. but for now I am just a Sea Sponge.

Ohh and if I may ask..Keep your eye n ears open for a Californian 34 for sale. (West Coast)


Chris AKA SeaRow
Welcome to TF, and best of luck re your searches. Talking search. Don't forget to try the search function, as many common issues have already been discussed at length. It is accessed in the red band at the top of screen.:flowers:
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