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Oct 5, 2007
Vessel Name
Anastasia III
Vessel Make
Krogen 42
Welcome to all Krogen owners - Past, present and future! I'm up at Solomons, MD right now, the Krogen Rendezvous just ended. I think it was the biggest ever, with over 60 Krogens in attendance with lots of people. Great weekend, beautiful weather, lots of great information exchanged, new friends, etc.

I hope lots of Krogenites will participate here and make this a great forum for all of us!
Hey Keith,
*** We were at the rendezvous in Stuart last year and your right. Krogen does it right! They really know how to throw a party and we had a ball. We thought and thought about going to the anniversary rendezvous up there, but in forego it. We are in Savannah for the hurricane season and cleaning up a few things before we head for the Caribbean December 1. So we sacrificed the rendezvous for some more diesel fuel. ;)
**** I also believe this will be a great forum. I cant tell you whyit just feels good and seems to be more intuitive than other places we seem to hang out. If it works for other Krogenites, this will be a great place to post pics and share info.


I notice on the other lists you have a link to several pictures of your boat and projects.....where are they located now?

T Butler
M/V Lazy Day
They were on a Yahoo pictures site that's no longer there. I need to repost them over at my Flickr account. Of course if I do that, you guys will get to see lots of pictures of me in the pool with scantily clad females as well as those boat pix.
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