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Dec 28, 2009
looking to put*in a water counter . Anyone in here have one? Never ran out of water but its always on my mind when we are cruising.*We always use less water than i think we do. But it makes us pull into a marina every few days. And if you don't buy fuel around my area they will charge you for water.
WE use a counter , but mostly in line on the fill hose to keep the water seller/supplier honest.

Ours reads directly , although big buck units can have a remote readout.

Moot point for our conversion , we can see both tanks , so quantity is a glance away.
I wish i could see my tank. But i got this water counter as a gift and i hope it works good . They say it goes on the pump side of the water line. I would just like to know how much we go thru when we have other couples on the boat. Like i send in my last post around here they charge for water. If you don,t buy fuel or something at the dock.
salty, there are a couple of good water meter/counters out there, we are installing one, and it has a remote monitor. There are a few that we tried that are designed for higher pressure than our boats provide and are pretty much useless. It depends on what you have but yes, it needs to be installed right after your pump and if it is a reasonably good unit will tell you how much water you are using. Checking it as you run out of water will tell you how accurate it is. Chuck
The name is just watercounter WC1 . It was purchased from Furman Combes out of Savannah GA. My girlfriend found it out of Passage maker magazine . And it has a digital read out . I hope its worth the money. What do you have ? You are making me think now about water pressure .
salty, that is actually the same system we are planning to install. They are made for boats and RVs and should be no problem. Watercounter is the trade name. I think you will be pleased with it. Chuck
ok Chuck thank you. Have you put it in yet? Right now we just check the freeboard on the foward thruhull to see how much water we have left. We fill the tank every sixth day but i don't think we ever get to the point of running out . But i don't know and i don't want to find out in this cold .
Have not done the install yet and probably won't for a few months. We just fill the tanks each week no matter how much we use since we are at the dock. Chuck
Yes chuck we are not going to put are unit in until they turn the water on at the dock.
Another very effective way to determine how much water you have is a stick. Our two waterfill fittings on the aft deck are a straight shot through to the tanks down below. So I got a length of dowling, marked it appropriately, and keep it in a length of PVC with screw-on ends with hole in them so the stick will dry out.

Obviously if your tanks aren't in line with your deck fills a dipstick won't work, but if they are it's a pretty simple and 100 percent reliable way to keep track of your water use.
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