Vetus Dorade Vents

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Dec 16, 2007
Vessel Name
Old School
Vessel Make
38' Trawler custom built by Hike Metal Products
I have 4 Vetus dorade vents that go to the engine room. The vents are plastic and are getting rather trashy looking. I would like to replace them but the Vetus site has the ones that look to be my size (Yogi 2 but not sure) and are expensive. All I need are the vents, not the locking rings or base. Been looking for something on the net that might fit my base and not a bank breaker. Anyone dealt with this issue? Thanks.
If you want them to last Nicro Fico , or metal is about the only long term solution.

Riveting up copper ones is a nice EZ winter project.
Browzing thru old posts on a rainy Sunday...** advice may be too late for you, but for others interested in re-habbing dorade vents:*

I used a spray product called Nicro-Cote on the Vetus vents on my old* Catalina sailboat and it made them look brand new.* I just sanded down the surface a little with 220 paper to get a good surface for the paint, and sprayed on 2 coats.


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Nice looking job ARoss. Another possibility is truck bed liner. That stuff sticks to anything, I guess if you want to see it black. I sandblasted my lunch anchor and had Line X spray it. It is holding up great, same as most things will.*Steve
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