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Luckily I married someone who cannot wait for the weekend so we can get out on the boat.* The Pilot 30 makes for a fantastic day boat.* I used to piddle around in my dinghy alot.* Now I piddly around in this is EASIER to take out!!!* Anyway, a coupla pics from this past weekend.* Pics of the crew together and seperately.* Doug was with me on this cruise but somehow did mot make it into any of the pics....I wonder why...


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The scenery ON the boat is terrific. The scenery BEHIND the boat..... I dunno if I could take if after this sort of thing.....

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Fantastic photos! Which one belongs to you? Maybe we ought to start a SwimSuite contest or Best Lookin Wife Contest. I'd enter!!! (Didn't say I would win....just enter.)
Right there is 5 good reasons to own a boat.
Unfortunately we cannot take photos like John's up here because the constant rain, fog, and freezing weather requires that everyone be wrapped up in sweaters and coats most of the time. You could say that the pictures I posted prove I'm lying about our weather but they were actually taken in.... New Zealand. Yeah, that's it, New Zealand. So for great weather and fabulous off-boat scenery, go there.

For great weather and fabulous on-boat scenery, you obviously have to go to Texas.
5 good reasons? I had to go back and look, but I counted six. and that was just in the first picture...............

Do you suppose they like old fat guys?...........

Marin, I would absolutely love to do some boating up your way. I know these photos are enticing but it wold also be nice to have some mountains and clear water. If it makes you feel any better, we had to weigh anchor and get moving just to make our own wind so we wouldn't die of heat stroke. Anyway, it is definitely one of the reasons why I got a boat.

And I have been trying to shake that tall chick for years but I ended up married to her....dunno if I ever shared wedding pics with y'all but here ya go....I sometimes forget how beautiful she is....but wow!!!!

Gawd I miss Key West....can't wait to get back there!!!!!!

Seahorse....Bring it!!!!!

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I do like this forum and the simplicity of posting pics!!!!!!!

The lighting was soooo good on this evening that I actually had to take saturation and temperature out of these pics or they would look almost fake.* Anyway, one more to illustrate my point....

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The weather was too cool for swim suits but the old gal looks pretty good for being in her 60's, huh?


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SeaHorse II wrote:

The weather was too cool for swim suits but the old gal looks pretty good for being in her 60's, huh?
She looks fantastic!!!* And great pics as well.* The reason I started this thread was just to post us using our boats.* All we talk about is what is wrong with them.* I just wanted a thread of us enjoying our boats.* I will be doing more threads like this and I encourages y'all to join in....doesn't have to be with your women...just you out using your boat!!!!!
Nothing like a secluded anchorage!

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Sorry Keith. Had to keep it PG13.* We do appreciate the gesture though...

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This is so much better than discussing filter setups and water in diesel. Keep those pics coming. Its good to have no thinking involved on a Friday night.
Baton Rouge

Baker wrote:

Sorry Keith. Had to keep it PG13. We do appreciate the gesture though...

-- Edited by Baker at 06:55, 2008-06-27

Ah, he's just sore I had better pix than he did! <snicker>

Here's some replacement pictures with their tops ON. These are from the pool bar at South Shore Harbour. See, I can have fun even when I'm not out cruising!

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Very nice!!!!
Baker wrote:

Sorry Keith. Had to keep it PG13.* We do appreciate the gesture though...

-- Edited by Baker at 06:55, 2008-06-27

What about posting them in off the deep end????
I just said said goodby to my buddy and his wife and daughter who were spending a couple of days on the boat with us. I won't post pictures, but I'll tell you that the daughter is on 3 week vacation from work. She's a dancer at the Lido in Paris. Seems there's more money there that at the Jubilee show in Vegas where she was working last year. My wife is 5 foot nothing. The daughter is 6 foot 1 inches, them are some loong legs....... drool drool.....
troy994719 wrote:
Baker wrote:

Sorry Keith. Had to keep it PG13.* We do appreciate the gesture though...

-- Edited by Baker at 06:55, 2008-06-27
Nope!* There are resons but not gonna get into it now.* The intent of this post was to post pics using your boat.* Post 'em up!!!!
People from Texas have always been some of my favorite folks.* I think it is because they think and act like they are little bit (or maybe that should be a lot) of everything.*

Of course they practically invented the whole westerner, cowboy thing.* If you say that they aren't from the South they will punch you in the eye.* They have a long coastline and some pretty deep seafaring roots.* With the close proximity to Mexico they even have some latin/multicultural ways.

And Texas women talk really sweet and usually have nice boobs.* There is that, too.
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