Total newbie here :)

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May 16, 2017
Hi! I'm glad I found yall here, cause I know almost nothing except that I know it's soon time to sell my house here in South Carolina to trade for a live aboard life back home in Seattle.

For now, I'm just saying Hi :) but I'm sure I will have tons of questions in the future. I've been doing tons of research and have been looking into 32-36 ft trawlers, mostly CHBs and Carvers and am very excited about this newest adventure in my life!
Welcome aboard!
I thought I was the only one that couldn't sleep! :)
I work evenings so I often don't go to sleep until around 3 or 4am... and I can't stop looking at boats and marinas and stuff! lol
Welcome aboard TF
Sounds like a bad case of boat bug. ...
FYI...nothing will cure it except a purchase.
Take your time... look at as many as you to owmers...the right boat will find you.
Boat Search 101 thread is a good place to start
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