Tolleycraft 40 Fuel Burn

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450 engine awesome. Will have a low fuel burn. Had 2 in a sf. Have aftercooler serviced.
Nice looking condition. With new engine and 500 hrs, I would check out. Almost all diesel boats will use the same fuel burn at 7knts. Overall conditional and engine age would be my concerns. Fuel burn at 7k is irreverent. You will not find huge differences in consumption at that speed. I have 2 massive 670hp qsm ll. At 7k barely 3 gal an hour. That is with twins total .
The engine is worth alone 45-50K before installation. Would buy anyday over a 3208.
I agree with Greg above. An 8.3 L Cummins is a bit unusual but great for wanting to mostly go slow, but occasionally get up to the low teens.

With a single, I would definitely want a bow thruster. A stern thruster would be nice but not essential.

That aft cockpit looks especially nice.

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I'm beginning to get interested. Thanks for the info.
This is exactly what I have been trying to bring to peoples attention. I feel like I have been beating a dead horse. I hope you all were listening to the video. They "found a small leak in the after cooler" . This is the source of all there problems. This could have been prevented by a regular after cooler disassembling , cleaning, and pressure testing. The blown head gasket are the result of water intrusion , not the cause.

Too right. And before any widespread panic arises about these engines, this is not the first major failure on the C Shels Tolly. Earlier in the series there was a generator failure - and when I say failure I mean smoke coming from the lazerette. The water pump seized because of failed bearings and seals. That might raise some eyebrows about the regularity of maintenance on that vessel.

I have a similar boat and the same engines and generator: hence my interest.

But aftercoolers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, and raw water pumps will bite you in the ass if you ignore them.

The only thing I would add to the wisdom of the post that I have quoted is that regular fluid sampling is a relatively inexpensive early warning system.
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