There I was part 2....the prequel

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Since we were talking about the coasties in that other thread, I thought I would start another story about an unrelated coastie story.

Well awhile back we were having a fundraiser at a waterfront establishment.* We figured that the boat would be a great way to travel so that is what we did.* We did go pretty late into the night and on the way hime, in the Kemah channel at about 0130, we were boarded by the Coasties.* The young lady leading the charge seemed to be in training of sorts(I found out later that this was true) and almost everything was in order.* The boat was relatively new to me and we were missing the trash placard which I thought was odd but I could not find it or produce it.* Oh well, a warning was issued and I later got a trash placard.

Well a bit later, I was in Galveston on the seawall doing a little surfing.* I saw a chick friend surfer who happened to have a cute girlfriend with her.* I got to talking with the cute gfriend and come to find out, she is in the USCG.* We got to talking a bit more and, you guessed it, she was the ringleader leading the charge on my boat.* Well, long story short.....I made her come out with us on the boat.* She is the one in the hat and the aviator sunglasses.* Very neat girl and pretty easy on the eyes.* SO there can be an upside to being boarded by the coasties....

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Now that's the kind of Coast Guard story I like. Simple, no confrontation and nice eye candy!!
Man.......always a pleasure to read John's writings....especially the "special effects!"
Hmmmm......every time I run into a coastie all I ever hear is how I should be wearing a life jacket.*
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