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Jan 2, 2009
found this troller for sale. am now on the hunt for the owner. if i buy it, i will turn it into a Troller Cruiser. it's 40'x12', depth-?. it's a converted sail boat. have not been inside to check it all out and see if it's really worth anything. but from what i have seen it look's somewhat ok. yep, some work is needed and some changes do need to be done. so what do you all think? thanks for looking.







If I were even 10 years younger and willing to get rid of the wife, hell yeah, I'd do it.
She's got great lines! It's always easy to tell someone else to go for it so, GO FOR IT!
A little brutal honesty here.*I dont' object to the overall vessel, but the hull and house aren't of the same era, or designer. It doesn't work. My opinion only, but I know what I like, and there, I've said it. Sorry! Keep looking. Find an all original, where everything works. Or, you could change the forward sloped windshield to vertical.

** * * * * * * *Carey
thanks guys. the house is all steel, so no it's not original. i like the hull lines and i like double enders. i would have to put some nice wood on most of the house and keep it natural. that may look a little better. i have to track down the owner first as he is someplace in Alaska. i have the pic's on the commerical fishing site so hopefully someone will see it and know him. anyway's i still keep on a lookin. if i can get this boat for a very resonal price and it checks out ok, i will probably buy it, but of course if something else comes along . any ways thanks for lookin and all your oppinions.well just found out more about her. yeah the original house is different. saw that and the new house being put on. she was built in 1928. has a perkins in with low hr's. 7 knots at 1.5 gall's. per hour. asking $20,000. ok, now give me some brutal oppinions. i was thinking after looking at her today, somewhere around $5,000 to maybe $10,000. so will see what i'll do. thanks.

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Very spartan vessel. To get this to an acceptable level, you will have to be*really handy at rebuilding and fixing and electrics and etc. What are your cruising plans for this vessel? Is there any space for hanging out other than the pilothouse? What does your wife/girlfriend think.
You ask for "brutal".......I wouldn't touch that boat for $1,000!! Keep more for a later model....that boat will empty your pockets to put it in decent cruising shape. If you want a project, buy a hull from Atlantic and finish it off.



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There's always the romance of an old-timey vessel that pull the heart strings. This hull surely does that. Two issues, tho: first the steel house is a lot of weight (not talking about appearance) up high on a rather narrow hull. I bet she's a roller. Adding to that, the double-enders of that era with the narrow sterns have a reputation for dragging down the stern under way, making the stability issue even more significant.

I'd be looking for a hull like a limit seiner with a round stern and a lot of bearing aft. If you could find on with a rather narrow beam like this boat, the resulting running economy would be a bonus.

I hope you'll keep looking.
yep, i am still looking. i also found a45'x11'-8.5" Wahl, 1946. the price is right on this one, has a Izuza 6bd1 - hp 145. this one is original. waiting for some more info on this. i looked at the Wahl story and they were one of the best boat builders around for PNW fishing boats. it's not a double ender but thats ok. will let ya know more later. thanks for all your comments and yes i do know boats and i do respect all your comments. thanks.


Looks like the Ballard bridge in the background. Your'e at fishermans warf right ?
A very pronounced fish form hull* ..* wide and full fwd, narrow and slim aft.*I'd really like to see her wake at hull speed. For those of you with wide assed flat stern boats* ..* look at this boat. It is about as efficent as one can get with a given disp and beam. The only general catergory boat more efficent that I can think of is a low wetted surface sail boat* .. ok relatively low. When fuel gets really really expensive most*trawlers will look like this.

Eric Henning*
eric, yep thats where she's at, the wharf. you have been there no doubt. yeah, would really like to take her out and see if that ass end will really drag. i don't no. she's been fished in Alaska so has seen some pretty rough stuff. it had two mast on her so she was a ketch at one time. this boat must have some crazy history. i keep lookin at her but think i will pass on this one. will look at the 1946 Wahl 45' troller. it may be a better boat, will see.

If you have enough space to live well below deck, the conversion would not be hard.

If you "need" a 3 story Roomaran , you will have to renmove the deck and build the apartment house on the hull.

Our Lobster conversion has the space of perhaps a 35 ft sailboat below.

But good galley ,good comfortable dinette Queen bed (no standing headroom in Fwd stateroom tho) , and a 15x10 rear deck work fine for cruising .Does the ICW and a loop with great comfort and minimum hassles.

Go for it IF you can live with the living volume constraints.


*** If that boat is not pushed beyond 7.5 to 8 knots it positively will not " drag " if by " drag " you mean squat or run bow high - stern low.
*** We have an old fish boat here in Thorne Bay that is longer, narrower and deeper than my Willy .. the Susan B. It's very over powered with a 3-53 DD.
*** I'm with the other guys on maintance .. wouldn't get near it. But like most of the other guys I'm an old man. I'd have Lynn Reister take a look at it .. she really knows wood boats. Look under surveyors .. Seattle.

Eric Henning
thanks all. have talked to George Buehler about the boat and sent him the pic's of it. he thought the boat would be ok, but then again he has not eseen it and i am haveing trouble with dock street broker talking to me about it. hmmm, wonder why,$20,000. what a joke. that boat has been there sitting for over a year. i'll try and get em to let me get inside so i can see whats there before i put a survayer on it. i am old too but i always like a good project. will see what happens. thanks for all your help. yep i do know what i am looking at. thanks.

Didn't the broker give you any information about the boat?<a href=""></a>
no, i asked them about it but they haven't got back to me as yet. 2 days now. i am busy this weekend so maybe i'll call em and see what they would like to i need to get inside the boat to see if i want to take this any farther.

Those two bow shots on the hard looks kind of like it has something going on at the Stem. Looks like a decorative patch at waterline. Shows on one side but not the other. I'd want a closer look at that.
yeah, i saw that, i got a good look at it from the outside, doesn't seem like it is hurting the planking, that's why i need to get inside.

"... doesn't seem like it is hurting the planking ..."

Uh, guys,* I don't want to sound rude or anything but Outlaw, are you sure you are ready to get into something like an old wooden workboat?

That "patch" on the side of the bow is* ironbark. It is there to protect the hull from the anchor. This is as fundamental to older wooden workboats as a rudder. Look around at the wood boats at Fisherman's and you will see* a layer of ironbark forward on most of them, most on both sides from the waterline up to protect agains ice damage and the anchor flukes.

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Now <u>that's interesting and informative</u>...(RickB's comment that is) I did not know that and have no problem accepting the statement as written. It makes perfect sense! These kinds of comments are why I check this forum daily.


*** I wouldn't have anything to do with Dock Street Brokerage unless they have changed hands recently. See Lynn Riester - Seattle surveyer.

Eric Henning
Ironwood. That makes since. It's even painted and trimmed up to the anchor pulpit. Good eye Rick
"Good eye ..."

Nah, I just have a lot of sawdust in my closet from living and working on too many wooden boats in the PNW.

Look at any wooden troller in the region and you will see that distinctive*swoop of dark painted ironbark on the bow. There is usually another section midship or near the aft pit under the gurdies where the gear comes onboard. The*cannonballs really whack the planking.
born, no, don't know what you are saying. there probably is alot of white clouds out there. this was and still is sorta a ketch turned salmon troller built in 1928, builder unknown.

Rick, i probably do not have all the experience you have working on old wood boats but i do know a thing about boats, haveing grown up for awhile arount fishermen and their boats in old tacoma and sewing nets when i was 6 yrs old. i have seen enough about boats to say yes to your ?. i also have a few years working on boats in Florida so yes and since i have been around wood and lumber all my life yes i do know athing or two about things. i know about ironwood and yes in the picure there look like something was going on. when i look at it it looked ok. i just haven't gotton inside the boat yet to see if anyrthing is going on with the stem, which there could be but i doubt it. that hull on the outside just looks a little tired, i would be too if i was born in

i have never used dock street brokers so i do not know about them. they just haven' gotten back to me yet, so i will have to go see em and get on the boat to look to see if this is really what i want. getting a name of someone to survey a boat for me was a nice thing to do. if i get really serious about this at least i have a name in which i will check up on her and a good mechanic. even though i have also worked on diesels only in trucks, not marine, so if ya all know a good one that too would be nice. again, thanks all for your comments and i don't want this to become a bad thing. we all have oppinons about things and i just wanted to here what you all think. thanks

Outlaw - Welcome to the show. Just remember, you asked. Now, what other vessels are you considering that we can tear into?

Outlaw, there was absolutely nothing wrong with your post about. This is what this forum is about.

It will not become a "bad thing"!!!
you guys are a trip. i think i like you all. i have no problem getting slamed. if i ask and want your oppion i know what i'll get. all oppions are welcome here. this is the only boat i am thinking about. there was another but i talked to the broker about it up in canada and the price was right and a good boat builder that built it, but the boat hat way too much wrong with it and it would of been to hard to bring it to seattle with just an engine and no radar or anything so i passed. so right now i am still thinking about this boat. yep, those lines of an old boat have got me. but this is the style that i like. the house, well thats a different story. don't like the looks of it that well but i think i can do something with it. anyways, if i get a chance to go see dock street brokers this week, well we'll see. thanks guys, your all way too funny, that's a good thing.

I am not taking sides here Rick. The "brokerage" in question is not a participant on this forum and is not a personal entity. Yes, Somebody did "slam" you say. But that is of no consequence to this forum and that is ultimately the scope of my moderation. WIth all that said, maybe Willy should provide us the reason for his opinion of that brokerage, which could surely help the OP of this thread. You can also provide us the reason why you think that brokerage is so reputable. Both of your opinions could be helpful to the OP of this thread(aka Outlaw).

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JB, thanks. yes, i would very much like to hear what both partys have to say about dock street, since i have never done business with then. why are they bad and why are they good. give me points on both sides, so i know what i'll be dealing with and if i deal with them, i will be able to come back here and give you all the true factor's if they are good or not.


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