The Capn and AIS

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Oct 2, 2007
I noticed that The Capn has an area for AIS, you can use a internet connection, it finds some data for New York but nothing even close to me. Does anyone know how this works?
I believe you are talking about the automatic information system that all large commercial boats/ships are required to transmit.*I do not understand*what you mena by*The Capn?*

The feature is usually associated with a GPS and Electronic Navigations package that connects to the VHF radio which shows their location and size, speed and tracking.* Some will also transmit your boat information to others. *You can buy a separate black box for like 200 bucks.* There was a discussion on the PMM site about this.* Its just starting to catch on for pleasure boaters, and starting to be come popular in the Puget Sound.*

To properly receive and transmit requires an updated electronics charting that includes the feature*a GPS, and a new VHF radio that receives and transmits the AIS signals.
So does that answer your question?
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The Cap'n is a Navagation Software package.

One maritime attack similar to the Cole in this country and you can pretty much bet our beloved friends in DC will make us all transmit AIS when out on the water!

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I use The Capn with AIS. I have it interfaced with the Seacas AIS system. I tried that feature you are referring to, to display AIS targets while connected to the internet (no antenna). It worked kinda like what you describe. I never did it again. I dont believe it could be that reliable anyway. Sorta like getting second hand information.***** SNIP>>you can pretty much bet our beloved friends in DC will make us all transmit AIS when out on the water.*Yea.....but I hope not. Can you imagine what the display will look like in some areas of the country? You wouldnt even be able to see the buoys on your plotter! And then the hacker factor. Lets just had over ALL our money to them so they can take better care of us. They take most of it anyway. Ok.Ill stop now!
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