Taylormade lifetime guarantee

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Oct 1, 2007
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Just curious.* I have a flat Taylormade fender.* Supposedly these things have a lifetime guarantee on them.* How do I exercise my rights to this guarantee?* Can I just take them to a local retail outlet(ie West Marine) and have them change it out????
There was a long thread in another forum on the subject a couple of years ago. At that time anyway, West Marine or other dealers would take them in without question and give a free replacement no mater how abused or where bought. I have never had one go flat so haven't been able to test the policy. I always*look out for*one discarded*in a marina dumpster I haven't had any luck yet!
Please let us know how it goes with yours.
If yours is like several of mine, it might be only that the valve needs a little silicone grease. Put some on the needle and poke it in a few times, and repeat. Works for me, unless there's a hole in the fender.
I think it is a hole. We were rafted up to friends when some idiot comes thru the anchorage right at about 11kts and threw off a series of about 3ft waves. The fender did it's job but ended up sacraficing itself.
West Marine will exchange them, I took some back without a receipt and got new ones.
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