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Oct 19, 2007
Vessel Name
Blue Sky
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Nordic Tugs 42 Hull #001
I realize that this forum is geared toward the trawler lifestyle, and is very good at it, but I have a non trawler question for a friend who is looking for a serious but small fishing boat. He is a fanatical salmon fisherman who fishes pretty much anywhere around Vancouver Island, east side, west side, north side, south side.

He asked me about Steiger boats as he is going to look at one in May. I know nothing of the genre but thought there would be collateral expertise here.

Any thoughts on the make or similar?
A friend has a 26 with twin 200s. Built for him new. Really likes it. Sorry I do not have any more details
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I owned 3 C Dorys before I bought my Camano. They have a huge following in the PNW and many are fished a lot.

The Steigercrafts are nice though. They're popular in my neck of the woods. Great fishing rig with a nice riding V hull (not sure if its a true deep V or just a modified V). They have a big 31 footer now.

Other brands to look at are Defiance, Parker, SeaSport, Osprey etc. There are so many nice options out there. I like the bigger Ospreys and SeaSports. But some of them are I/O engines.....
Steigers can be found with both modified and deep V hulls. Each have their plusses and minuses. The deep V rides better at speed in certain types of chop but the deep V rolls a lot more when trolling, etc. They have a great layout for fishing and are well made. Parkers are very popular around here for that reason but I like the Steigers a bit better. The 25' Steiger "Miami" is a great cooler weather fishing boat with a small pilothouse.

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The Fisherman magazine recorded an interview with Al Steiger, an interesting view even if you are not looking for a fishing boat:
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I have been on our friends fishing and loved the layout As Kchase said the deep V rolls a bit more then I would like but overall very nice boat
I owned a 23 Miami with a Honda BF250 outboard.
Boating done here in southern/central California Channel Islands.
It's a great boat.
Rides really well with fantastic economy. Highly recommend them.
I'm critical of a few minor issues, but would absolutely buy one again.
Here's a pic of mine


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We have many that fish out of Long Island NY, very popular and very tough boats, another model seen is Parker, although this one has a step down and rides a little rougher.
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