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Mar 24, 2014
Hello. I am diesel mechanic down here. New to the scene, looking for good deal on 32 Grand Banks with Lehman 120, fiberglass hull, for around 30k

Welcome. Nice choice of boat. Good luck with your search!
Try, most people on here are still using their boats.
Thanks guys. On here to learn about the lifestyle mostly. Kinds hard to find good GB in my budget, I will keep an eye on YW
Welcome Aboard! Did you get over to the Palm Beach Boat Show?
Welcome from the California Delta. Have fun with your search.
Good luck, I'm guessing considering your profession that you are comfortable with a boat that might need some work? If yes, then I think you can find something. I know a really awesome broker in the Stuart area, he is fantastic in the price range you are looking at, he really helped us find our last boat. And if he serves as a buyer's broker he doesn't cost you anything. Let me know if you want his name. Doug
Welcome aboard, try
There are 40 GB in your price range currently on Yachtworld. Unfortunately for you, the majority are west coast. However, I found some on the East Coast that fit your requirements.
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