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Aug 1, 2017
After growing up in various places in the Hudson River Valley and spending my adult life on or near the water in FL ( Key West, Miami, Ft Myers) I got as far away as possible, Southern, UT. After ten years ( I still love the high desert) I've got the itch for the sea again. So, have a question, anyone familiar with Pittsburg, CA?
Welcome Sugardog.

Sorry cannot help you out, but I sure someone well.

Cheers Mate.

There are some here very familiar. I'm sure they'll speak up.
Thanks, in the early stages of finding a home port. Done the east coast and the Gulf, looking for a change of pace.
Pittsburg, CA is well positioned to enjoy the CA Delta and the SF Bay. It's also near the heart of sturgeon and striper fishing. We have had a TF gathering there and enjoyed the marina for its central location.

The marina is a destination for many for fuel and food. They have covered and uncovered slips. One half of the area is Yacht Club and the other is public marina.

The town is within an easy walk of the docks and they seem to keep the marina up well. Over the years, crime has been an issue in the town of Pittsburg, but I really don't know the current status of town or the marina.

We have a couple of members here who have or had their boats at Pittsburg. (MyBad and another whose screen name escapes me right now) Maybe they'll chime in with help, but your thread title doesn't really draw attention to your question. Maybe you could drop him a PM.
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Yup. I live and boat in the SF Bay Area. Pittsburg is at the very upper end of SF Bay, where it merges into the Sacramento River and the Delta area. By car, in light traffic, it's maybe 30-40 minutes into SF.

Haven't checked, but am guessing that berth rates are probably a bit cheaper there than in the central bay or up in the Delta. As a place to live, it's also probably cheaper than closer in to SF or to Sacramento.

For a boater, Pittsburg is actually a pretty good location, nicely placed about half-way between SF Bay and the Delta. SF is one of the most scenic places on the planet to go boating, but frankly, there are relatively few places to anchor and/or go ashore. The Delta has something like 1000 miles of waterways, with gazillions of anchorages and funky marinas.

You could do worse, believe me!

Good luck,
I appreciate the input guys, now to fire up the land yacht (Winnebago) and check it out. Going to drive up the coast and continue my research.
Then I would recommend checking out Benicia Marina. Nice area, good access.
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