Retirement plan:To be Homeless in Hawaii

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Jul 12, 2014
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1989 Grand Banks 36 Europa
:socool: My wife MC & I just purchased our first(and maybe only) trawler, a GB36 on Oahu and joined your forum immediately ! As an introduction of ourselves , the title of this thread should give you some idea that we try not to take ourselves too seriously.We've owned a Cal 3-30 sailboat and a Bertram 28 in the past , but that doesn't seem to have deterred us from boat ownership yet apparently !! We live on the East Coast (Maryland) but really love Hawaii (I was stationed in Pearl Harbor 4 yrs. on Subs). One of our first projects will be replacing the sliding window tracks that the fuzz has turned gooey in,so if anyone can steer us to some technical info about that , it would be greatly appreciated!!!
Mahalo, MC&Woodman
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Welcome to the forum and what a great plan for retirement! Can't help on the window situation though.

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