Rainex for plastic windshields?

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Dec 16, 2007
I replaced my windshield windows with plastic. I am leery about using Rainex on plexiglas. Any thoughts out there?
Absolutely a no-no. Do not use windex or any type of solvent cleaner. There are plenty of products just for plastic windows that will do the same as Rainex. Chuck
Two years ago I went with Strataglas on the bridge enclosure. They have a group of products that are meant for their "windows and seem ot work well ala rainX. I'm, sure your specific "eisinglas" etc has a similar recommend.
Rain-X clearly says on the bottle not to use on anything other then glass. Contact the manufacturer of your plastic and ask them directly what to use and get the answer from them in the form of an e-mail so if something goes wrong your covered.

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Rain-x is made from petroleum distillates. It is actually quite flammable. I would think a petroleum based product would be quite harmful to plastic.
Being an airplane Mech we deal with this all the time.No rainex no ammonia cleaners what so ever.Clean cotton soft cloth like an old t-shirt or sock.Goggle "Aircraft Spruce and Specility" and search windshield*cleaners.You will hit the jackpot.I use "Prist" and I like it.Robby
In a former life I used to sell & fabricate Plexiglass.** Clean it with a mild soap ,lots of water and a soft, clean*cloth.* Then as someone else suggested use a good auto paste wax.* It will protect it and fill in any mild scratching.*
Do not use products like Windex or Rainex.* That goes for Lexan also or any product called acrylic or polycarbonate.

I also dislike Rainex and strongly recommend AGAINST use of it.*** Great stuff when freshly applied.* The rain really does run off.* On the road at speeds above 45mph I almost didn't need the wipers even in heavy rains.

The catch is you must keep it FRESH which can be problematic.* If you don't and you run wipers on it , your windsheild will turn into a horrible mess, difficult to see through.*It is almost impossible to get rid of.* I had it on my cars and my boat and I got rid of it on the boat when I had to replace the windows and on the cars when I got rid of the cars.**** I used acetone, laquer thinner, Xylene, meth. hydrate and I never did clear the windows of that stuff.*** Just my opinion*

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On an old piece of scratched plexi try Pledge

We have had even better luck with the liquid "wax" for "no wax" floors.
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