Radar mast woes continue

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Sep 2, 2014
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Agnus Dei
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Hi All,

As I still contemplate using a vertical pole for the radar or getting a mast built (the estimate was $2500-3000), I'm really leaning towards a Seaview pole. The mount on the deck is for the old mast that was able to be laid down and won't fit the Seaview pole.

Here's the really bad part. The deck where the mount is currently, is above the aft head ceiling... which has no access and is all trimmed in and pretty, i.e. I can't get to the mast mount without opening up the head ceiling! :banghead:

I do have one more idea and that involves help from the forum. Those of you with masts that can be lowered, the fitting at the bottom of the mast... is it a fitting that slides into the mast? I can get a Seaview 3 or 4" pole, but need to get a fitting for the bottom that will work with the old mast mount on the deck.

Although I don't have a mast, I do have a mounting platform from Seaview. I am very happy with the product.

Have you tried to have one made using the original mount?
I started my refit of the mast when the "tabernacle" deck fitting failed to support the mast while lifting a 50 lb load. The original was cast aluminum. Probably cost lots. The replacement was a pair of Stainless channels, standing about 8" tall, with the mast between them, welded to a plate that was in turn lag bolted to the deck.
When I re-did the mast, I also moved it, from the upper deck to the lower, so the original attachment point could be used to attach the mast when standing, at the waist high level of the upper deck. I again lag bolted to the lower deck.
The mast has two holes at the base, two 1/2" bolts attach the mast to the tabernacle, if I never want to lower it, 1 if I will be lowering. So far, I have never used the second hole. At the waist high attachment, another 1/2" bolt holds everything in the upright position. When lowering, I have an inverted V brace that is attached to the mast on a quick release, that holds the mast above the stern deck high enough to walk upright below it. The mast carries the JRC radar dome, lights, flag halyards, YC Burgee, but is lightweight enough that I use a one part tackle to lower and raise it.
For heavy loads on the lifting boom, I can attach a forward shroud when needed.
The mast is 3" Aluminum irrigation pipe, the boom is 2".
This mod was done over 20 yrs ago and there are no changes planned.
There have never been any issues with the strength of the lower deck where the mast is located. The ceiling has never been opened up, so I really don't know how it was built.
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If the existing mount is still good, just have a custom mast fabricated. Here is a #for a company just north of you, that I have used, and have been happy with his work. He is a good guy, but busy. His first name is Duane.
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On my GB, I had a mast made from aluminum pipe and powder coated (I know...). It had a hinge just off the deck and some lifting tackle to raise and lower it. The usual wire stays. The radar sat on a platform. I had to drop it every time I entered my shed (well, except once, but I don't want to talk about that...). Cheap and easy, get a fab shop to make it for you and it depends if you like bare aluminum or if you want to polish it!
I would just cut an access hole in the headliner to get to the bolts and remove the old one and install the new one. Then fabricate a cover plate out of starboard and screw it to the existing headliner. Then you will always have access to the bolts if they ever need attention. To find out the location to make the cut, take a couple of large rare earth magnets, put one on the top outside and then go inside and use the second one to find the one on top. The magnets work great for transferring a mark on the outside to inside.
I put an Atlantic Towers prefab radar arch and one of their custom hardtops on one of my previous boats. Very nice products. Good customer support. I was very pleased with their products. No affiliation with AT.
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