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Nov 20, 2016
Hello all, please forgive me if I’m in the wrong forum.

I think my starboard strut is toast due to electrolysis—(new boat to me, rudders and props had to be replaced too).

If I can remove and the bearing without further damage is the shown strut serviceable?

(Port is fine—bearing came out easily.)

If not, recommended supplier?

Thank you in advance!


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Looks pretty far gone to me. And yes, it looks like possible stray current corrosion. I hope you got that problem sorted out before you replace anything.
Thank you!

And yes, all is in order. Really, it is just neglect on the part of previous owner. It’s a project boat.
Although it looks horrible, in all honesty if it holds a cutlass bearing securely, the strut is probably just fine. I am anticipating that getting a replacement will be difficult, if not impossible, and very expensive either way. I would certainly research availability of a replacement, but also look to reuse the existing strut.
Repair a no go.
the very reputable prop shop in this region said to try and press it out. The electrolysis makes it almost impossible to get new stuff to graft.

I’m going to try and press it out on my shop press. If that does work, I’ll have it bored out—all hoping the remaining will stay intact.

Otherwise, onto a recommended foundry.

There were only a hundred Thompson 44s made, and then about ten Nelson 45s from the Sam mold. Both went out of Buisness decades ago,

If all wise fails, it seems like this conversation becomes one of time and money (grrrr).

Open to foundry recommendations …?
Try Buck Algonquin. I think somebody bought them but a search should find them. You will need measurements.
I know bronze is preferred for this application, but couldn’t you fab up a 316 stainless replacement?
Thank you all!

Stainless is an option, but both independent fabricators said it was a painful imperfect process. They have to make a 3-D jig to match all the angles.

At the moment I’ve asked the welder to bore out the old bearing rather than put additional pressure on the strut. Hopefully it’ll hold.

As was suggested earlier, both the welder and prop shop said it was serviceable if the bearing can be replaced without further damage.

If it doesn’t, then fabrication .

I’ll know more in a week. Update to follow.
Ok, good luck with it. Hopefully it’ll last as long as you need it to.
But, as far as building a jig goes, it’s not that tough. I’ve done similar things many times. I could point you in the direction of a skilled guy if the need arises.
Try Buck Algonquin. I think somebody bought them but a search should find them. You will need measurements.
They were bought by Hydrasearch. They will be expensive for a one off strut plus tooling cost.
Slap it with a hammer and hope it does not go thunk.
Hello all,

Update: thankfully the welder was able to bore out the bearing and press a new one. The strut held.

Thank you all for the help!
For future reference, check out Seaboard Marine (here) as they fabricate struts. If you look through their YouTube videos you can probably see an example of how they do it.
I would not touch it with force. Take a hacksaw and time and cut a couple of longitude slots in the cutlass and it will pop out with out any more damage. Freeze the new cutlass overnight drop lather in liquid soap and pop it in. Hardly any force will be required...
They bored it out a little at a time. Once they cleared the old bearing, the new went on with a push. Thankfully I stopped my stupidity.

The freezing is a good idea. I should have given that a try.

All is good now. Struts go back on next week.
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