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Aug 9, 2013
Hi all

Thanks for letting me join this forum.

My name is David and I work in the Middle East (Dubai).

When I came to Dubai, my original idea was to live on a sailing yacht (I had one back home) but for a few reasons, I was told this would be difficult.

The main one was the heat in the summer. No way you can keep the inside cool enough in a practical manner.

I have been here two years now and after meeting a few people, I have come back to my original idea but with a twist.

Buy a trawler with plenty of electrical power available, space and comfort.

So here I am...

To all.

Happy sailing
Welcome David!

Boats in that part of the world do have special power needs to handle the mandatory air conditioning loads. It will be interesting to follow your decision making path to boat ownership.
In your area what is the electrical volts and how many amps on the dock?

If you have enough AC electric, 50+ amp 120 volts, or 25 amps 240 volts, and the boat is not over 50 ft you should be able to have enough power for air conditioning on the boat. Might be able to get by with 30 amps 120 volts, 15 amps 240 volts.
Hi Craig and Phil.

Thanks for the swift welcome and input.

We are on 220-240 volts. No idea about the amps though but I ll check it.

I m looking at a 56' trawler.
Pretty good fuel is cheap here though... ;)
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