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Does the 7437 engine hours alarm anyone? Seems high to me, but I don't know Lehmans.

The FL120 is said (by people like Bob Smith at American Marine who did much of the marinization work at Lehman back when these engines were new) to be a 12,000 to 14,000 hour engine in recreational boat service, assuming that the engine is operated and maintained correctly. They have gone as long as 25,000 hours in commercial service on Washington State ferryboats before needing a core overhaul.

The FL135 like this particular boat has is a close cousin to the FL120 but it's not the same base engine. I have never seen any average service life numbers for this engine.

Keith of this forum has one in his Krogen but since he has my posts blocked he won't see this and so be encouraged to comment. Someone else might want to ask him about the FL135's reputation, however. From everything I have heard it's very good but I've never heard numbers.
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