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Feb 20, 2024
Vessel Name
Sol y Luna
Vessel Make
1983 CHB 34’
Hi. My name is Ron and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I have a 34’ CHB trawler and hail out of Middle Bass Island. Finishing school for Capt license. I am a recently retired fireman from Wooster, Ohio and we are planning for the Loop!


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Welcome aboard.
Am not from the US, but from what I hear the Loop must be something special to experience at least once in your life. So enjoy !
Welcome aboard, looping in 2025
Boat at Battery Park, Sandusky
If your loop route bypasses Georgian Bay & the TrentvSevern Waterway plan another cruise that's includes them. You won't be disappointed... they areva must see. Many loopers that do the open water route via Erie return for one or more years to explore the waters they missed. A loop including western, central & Eastern Erie canal, Champlain canal Lk Champlain, St Lawrence, Ottawa Rvr, Rideau Canal, Trent Severn, Georgian Bay makes an exception cruise.
Nice! We may have to meet up and discuss logistics and stuff! Lol
Nice! We may have to meet up and discuss logistics and stuff! Lol

If you want a preview / enticement my Bacchus website Cruising Notes section has a log of our 2019 Georgian Bay cruise w pics & some notes.
Happy to share experience if/ when interested. We connected with several TF members along the way.

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