Newbie Wanting a Trailerable Trawler

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Aug 11, 2013

I live in the great State of Kentucky and do most of my boating on Lake Cumberland and the Cumberland River. Grew up in Louisville Kentucky as a river rat on the Ohio. I have have been a boat owner for 30 plus years.

Kids are graduating from College, son is taking the business over and I am in the market for a trailerable trawler. Most of my pleasure boating will be on beautiful Lake Cumberland. However as sonny boy begins to take over I plan on taking two weeks at a time cruising the loop. Hopefully longer in the future.

My concerns are fuel consumption, dependable boating and enough space to take my friends on a trip of their life time. My friends can handle tight quarters as long as we have decent sleeping arrangements.

I will be reading the forum and shopping for the perfect vessel to get started with my endeavors. So I thank all you sea worthy boaters for all of your vast knowledge that you share in the future.

Waiting for the dream to come true!
Devlin designs

Hi, many years ago I was looking at building a boat and looked long and hard at Sam Devlins stitch and glue designed boats. Lovely looking boats to my eye and some of them may well have been trailerable. You guys do have some BIG trailers over there! Anyway maybe worth a look. Take care. Iain

I am not in the market for a wooden boat. I like the idea of building my own, but I am wanting a fiberglass boat. I can rebuild but would prefer ready to go
Welcome , I'm not far from you on the TN. River. Have you checked out the Rosburough ?,(not sure about the spelling )or the Ranger Tug? Just to name a couple . Good luck with your search.
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