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Jan 14, 2019
United States
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Chaisin' Tails
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1993 Glacier Bay Cat
Hi everyone. This looks like a fun community. I grew up commercial fishing and now I am whale watch captain. Had tons of boats and plan on having tons more. Hope I can be a positive contribution to this community and maybe learn something too.

I am from Juneau and Haines Alaska and love canoeing as well.

Thanks to everyone and looking forward to meeting new friends.
Yummy, welcome to TF. Ummmm, does your new membership come with free samples to all current TF'ers?

Just kidding. Someone with your experience and knowledge is welcome here as are the rest of us who lack those things. How about posting some photos of your boats.

Simple minded Mike
Welcome Yummy, look forward to hearing more and seeing some pics. Do you live aboard and how do you spend your days off?

Being from Juneau and Haines, loving canoeing, tell me where do you canoe?

I'm hoping for a trip up in your area sometime in the next few years and would love to spend a lot of it on the water. We'll not bring there trawler... just too far from FL, but will fly in our private plane. Would love some canoeing.

Did a trip up there about 18 years ago and one of the best trips of our lives!

Welcome aboard and would love to learn from you.
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