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Yeah and no pics? :socool:

Whats up with that? :ermm:

I say the trip never happened and the gost boat is still in Florida!!!:eek::facepalm:

Oh and Welcome!
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Welcome! I hope that we can provide you will sufficient advice in the future.
Hmmmm....Jumper cables? Deck shoes? What's next? Is this the beginning of a TF crime wave?
No crime wave-just a senior moment. Blue hope you got over to Tx. today. Just wondering -How are you going to put 2 47 footers in that slip???
Well, had to RESET. On my trip back from Niceville, Fl. broke down in Pascagoula, Ms. Towed to the inner harbor where we where greeted at the dock by a resident (Les) across the street from the Pascagoula City Marina. Helped us dock and gave us a few numbers for parts/mechanic. Of course this was the Saturday evening before Easter. Could not find a part (circulation pump). Nobody open until Monday. No parts in Ms, La, or Ala. I will have the old one that I took off rebuilt for a spare.LOL Finally ran out of time and had to rent a car and drive home (3 1/2 hrs). Had to get on a cruise ship Weds. in San Diego, so I ran out of time. Got all the parts overnighted and my crew went down the next Friday and made the repairs. Thanks to Mary at Action Master Marine in Norfolk, Va. A great parts person, by the way. Now we're rebooted and will start again tomorrow. Boy, by the time we get back home, I think I'll know the boat very well.[/QUOTE]

Every time I think that she unexpectedly teaches me something new.
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