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Aug 10, 2021
Vessel Make
41' Miracle Marine
Hi Everyone. I'm officially pulling the plug December 31 after 29 years in my current biz. I recently fulfilled a dream I made years ago, buying a boat to spend summers in Alaska. I purchased a 1986 Miracle Marine 41'. It looks identical to a Defever 41' trunk cabin. The boat is in amazing shape mechanically. It was because the owner of the boat was a known quantity that I looked past the number of things that need to be repaired and polished to become bristol. The boats currently in Alaska and going to be in a shop in Washington over the winter for some significant blister repairs and removing the teak decking to glass. When it's all done, paint from bottom to top. I'll be doing some of the work at the shop to decrease the manpower portion of the bill to the extent possible. Besides, I really look forward to getting my hands dirty and owning the experience.

I'm making lists of items I know will need to be replaced since they will be taken off during the hull repair and paint anyway. Where do you mid 80's Taiwanese trawler owners get your exterior replacement parts? I'm pretty sure all my port holes are brass and while they would likely clean up in a bucket of cleaner, there's a lot of pitting on some and they will need to be replaced all together. Where do you guys order your parts?
Congratulations on the near retirement AND the boat!

Are you running the boat south from Alaska?
Welcome aboard. You get your parts wherever you find them. In our last boat we replaced 11 portholes with 316 cast S/S ones from New Found Metals. We really liked the portholes. However they are not cheap but you only replace them once. Good luck with your new baby.
Actually my parents will run it south after the end of the commercial fishing season. They live in AK and we’re going to go south anyway for the winter, so this worked well for everyone. I’ll get to take the remodeled boat north next summer and enjoy my first season.
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