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At least some of the negative reviews stem from a couple of issues. It is on the expensive side and it is a ways away from downtown.

I look at price as a matter of fact, rather than as a reviewable topic. Often it leads to distorted reviews. Think is it can be looked up and it is what it is. It's often a major influence in selection though. I do hate seeing though a review of a very expensive restaurant giving it only 1 star because it's expensive. Did they not know when they went there? Similarly just because a restaurant is cheap doesn't make their food any better or worse, just less expensive.

Distance from downtown is a bit of a negative, depending on one's need.
Hi Dave, I think I got a win (slipwise) today! The VERY wide sailboat that shared my new, longer slip moved down the dock. I checked at the marina office to see who was moving in. Got the good news that the other half of the slip will be a permanent SYC guest slip!!
Ha ha, are you going to shorten up your boat by 10 feet?!

Or claim it's 45' and hope they don't notice. I actually saw someone try a 5' lie recently. The dockmaster walked over, furious with them. They said they'd pay the extra. The dockmaster told them they didn't have a slip for them. They pointed to the empty slips. The dockmaster repeated "Sir, we have not a slip for you. You must leave now." I was shocked, but kind of impressed.
No, no, no, you silly girls! I’m talking about the dingy. If I brought the big boat I would have to eat at Palisades not Maggi’s. ��
Welcome, the Nordic's are excellent boats.

We spend the winter in Anacortes, and go to Alaska in May. Last year 34 DeFever, this year 34 American Tug. Hope to see you along the way.
Hi Sue,
Welcome both to the forum and to the family of Nordic Tug owners. Terry and I are good friends with Gary and Ginger and heard about you through them. We bought our own (new to us) tug in late 2016, and traveled north to Prince Rupert with G and G this past summer. Good fun and great trip. This summer, we are probably heading around Vancouver Island. Hope we get to meet, and maybe travel some together.
Tom and Terry
Thanks, T&T!

My tentative cruising plan is the North BC Coast this summer. I have also been trying to put together a February cruise to Princess Louisa, but haven’t found a buddy boat (I usually cruise solo, but though that the winter trip would be best with at least one other boat).

I hope to see you out on the water!
We spent a spent a pleasant weekend last summer rafted up with Spinner at Sucia Island. Go introduce yourself if you have the chance, she is great. We hope to see you out there again soon.

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It was a really fun weekend! Hope to see you and the family again this year!

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