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Jun 5, 2017
Hi, ive given up searching so thought id throw it to a knowledgeable trawler forum.
I'm after info on a Gulfstar 46 supposedly a 1990 but the Australian HIN number suggests its 1987 (build date could be older)
Gulfstar don't even list any 46 foot pilothouse motor yacht style cruisers in their history? nor do Viking yachts that took over Gulfstar in 1990? This one says builder was Fu Hwa Taiwan so it wasn't a Florida built at Gulfstar.

It looks very similar to a Bayliner 4588

Appreciate any input on this boat, cheers

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I'll be seeing this boat next week so i will shed some more light when i look at the build plate and paperwork. I did find out it was first registered 1989, the Engine years, Cat 3208- Port July 1988 & Stb June 1988.
Since it was given a HIN Number in 1987 when it arrived in Australia but the engines are 1988 i can only assume it was imported from the Taiwan Yard without motors and the Cats were installed and commissioned in Aus.
The main thing i want to find out is the Gulfstar claim as i just cant find a Gulfstar 46 Model MY like it! but it maybe a Fu Hwa own brand and they just called it their Gulfstar model?
Welcome to TF.

Fu Hwa did some custom builds for other brands but I never heard of them doing one for Gulfstar and it doesn't look anything like the Gulfstars I have seen. Yeah, it looks like a Bayliner and I do recall seeing something similar to the boat you have an interest in but don't recall the make (Offshore?). The striking difference to the Bayliner 47 was the angles of the saloon windows.

We had a Fu Hwa 38 Double cabin for a couple of years. Liked the boat, didn't like the engine room. It was a typical Taiwanese Tub.

It looks like a nice boat but a little pricey for a 1990.

Let us know what you find out.
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