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Apr 24, 2018
United Kingdom
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Hi All

I'm a new member from Harwich, UK.

Last 20 years has been owning, restoring and generaly mucking about on various boats.

My current project (Corvette 32, UK made boat circa 1986) is coming to an end.

I'm now looking at buying a 2007 Nordic Tug 37 (Flybridge version), there are not that many NT in the UK or Europe in general for that matter.

Any advice on these boats, any weak points, or any areas that may need looking at, she has the Cummins 380HP.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Glad to have you aboard. The Nordic Tug 37 is a favorite boat of mine. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Welcome to Trawler Forum. I think the Nordic 37 is the best looking one of the fleet.
Hi Steve and welcome!:thumb:

I have one NT-37 built 2009 CE model, I know this size is in Europe at least 4 pieces and 2 of them are UK. The second is now on sale -07 and a few years ago Berthone conveyed the -08 model NT-37. I'm happy with the way everything in my NT-37. Hull guarantee is 10 years so if not collapsed no problems with blisters.

One thing is to check the raw water pump Sherwood, my pump started leaking for about 450 hours, I picked up its Sea Max pump that is more reliable, now hours about 1050.

This is litle info and cool quality pictures first NT-37 boats EU.

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Welcome Steve.

I was looking hard at the NT 37 when we were looking at buying a boat. It was a very strong contender. I have the same Cummins engine in my boat and like it. However, don’t connect any type of Balmar charge regulator or Duo-charger to the engine start battery. The Cummins electronics don’t like them.
Welcome to TF Steve. Lots of fun here. I am a big football fan since I was a kid living in the UK. Go Arsenal!!!
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