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Dec 30, 2015
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Island Gypsy/Europa 36
Hi All,

Joined the forum a few days ago and have been reading various threads ever since. Great Forum! I really enjoy reading about others experiences, boats, gear, etc. I am sure I will be learning much from the forum.

As for me, I have been boating for 35 years. Have had many smaller boats (20'-30') Seacraft, Gradys, Pursuits. I currently live in NH and have my boat on a mooring (in season) in Kittery Point, Maine. Back in the late 80s/early 90s I lived in Washington state and kept my 37' Puget Trawler ("Sea Fever") in Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes, WA.

Over the last 5 years I've had two boats. In 2010 I purchased the boat of my dreams, a 1989 39' yacht finished BHM powered by a single Cat 3406B. I cruised it along the Maine coast for 2 seasons and started on the "Loop" in NY but had some personal issues that resulted in turning back and selling the boat. Two years ago I purchased my current boat ("Worry Pas"), a 1986 38' Bertram MKIII powered by twin 3208ta Cats. Over the last season I ran my fishing charter business from this boat. At the end of the season I decided to close down the charter business (too many government regulations and too few fish). I am now preparing to move aboard "Worry Pas" next season and cruise the east coast ending up, hopefully, in southwest Florida for the winter.

Over this winter I plan to set up the Bertram as a live aboard, it's a great boat even though she's a little over powered and not yet equipped for living aboard. I'm sure I'll benefit from reading the many live aboard and cruising threads in the forum.

Thanks in advance for sharing your information.

Welcome aboard.
Morning Capt. Carp, We live in the area and are looking at buying a trawler...offer being made tomorrow. Our plan is to live aboard (rent at the beach in winter). We have been partially living aboard our 23ft Rinker for the past three years. But we had a house to go to for getting ready for work etc. Now the house is gone..yay freedom! Want to do the loop someday too.
Glad to hear from you. What are you buying? Where will you be keeping her?

Capt Carp
2003 Mainship 390 twin yanmar/diesel. On the merrimack.

Great bunch here on TF..

captcarp & cracefilled... as you start to consider cruises don't ignore the NY & Canadian canals... Great Lakes...1,000 Islands... Lk Champlain - lots of great cruising and it's not all that far from your neck of the woods.
Happy to assist in any way.
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