New Humminbird fathometers

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Oct 8, 2007
Panama City area
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Mainship 30 Pilot II since 2015. GB-42 1986-2015. Former Unlimited Tonnage Master
I have just completed the installation of a pair of Humminbird 343C sounders (flying bridge and salon), and I am so far quite satisfied with them.* I used a Humminbird-supplied switch to enable me to use only one transducer (the expensive optional bronze unit) for the pair because I wanted a traditional through-hull mounting on this wooden boat.

I also added the optional speed and temperature sensor which required another hole (this one 2" diameter) in the hull.* I like the ability this one gives you to withdraw the sensor into the hull for cleaning - it comes with a nice o-ringed plug and stainless keeper chain.* The speed and temp sensor does not have a switching unit; so its outputs are displayed at the lower station only.

In practice, I flip the depth transducer transfer switch to the flying bridge when leaving the lower station and leave the lower unit going.* Speed and temp continue to be displayed at the lower unit.* When I arrive at the upper unit, simply pressing the on button gives me the depth.

Another feature i like is the ability to offset the depth displayed such that I get the depth in tenths of feet below the lowermost part of my boat.
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