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Dec 2, 2013
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Her Shine. Newburyport
Moving to the slow side. From a Sea Ray to a 37' trawler and looking forward to it. :dance:
Welcome aboard. It didn't take me long to start enjoying the trip instead of the destination! I'm sure you will be the same. Show us some pictures when you can.:thumb:
I will post photos next week. Looking for forward to some Florida sun and delivery of my new "old" Trawler.

Is the boat in Florida now??
Yes the 37 Hershine is currently in Palmeto, FL The plan is to start Osprey's 2nd and my first loop by heading south this week. Shooting to be in Key Largo by, maybe, sometime, around, the the last week of March. I have heard great things about SW Florida and am not in a rush. It's 19* and getting colder on Cape Cod tonight.
Welcome aboard. Bloody snowing with ice pellets here now! Hey, it's March already.

You'll find some great cruising grounds from Palmetto south especially between there and the south tip of Sanibel. If you have time a trip up to Ft Myers might be interesting.
Bon Voyage
Welcome to the forum.

Lots of nice cruising around the barrier islands North of Fort Myers. Pelican Bay on the NE end of Cayo Costa island off of Charlotte Harbor is one of my favorite spots to escape to. Very protected anchorage to watch nature from.

Welcome Cape Cod

Welcome... Lived in Boston and loved trips to the Cape... I am very interested in your experiences with your Hershine... beautiful boats...:cool:
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