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I have a 2008 34 Trawler that I got new in July 2007. Picked her up in Vancouver BC and ran her about 650 miles to Ketchikan AK. Now I have about 1600 hrs on my twin Yanmar 240 HP. We have enjoyed her very much and continue to do so. Wish I had a water maker, but will eventually add one.
Seems like Yanmar or a technician would have come up with a less messy way to change oil..

And assuming you have 250 hours on your engine, did you have the (1) adjustment on injection pressure and atomizing condition as well as the (2) adjustment of clearance intake and exhaust valve serviced? Under Chapter 4.2 of the Yanmar Operation Manual, that's a scheduled service... my engine is approaching 1000 hours, and that's the next interval for this service... just wondering...

and for sure... hopefully we can have lunch on the upper helm... let me know when you're coming this way..


I think the filter is mounted that way to save height. Moving it would be the best but the parts are around $300. I think I can come with a plan. One thing is to save a QT plastic soda bottle. Break the filter loose and slide the bottle up over it. Then get it off as quick as possible. That and redo the vinyl tube are my next steps.

I'm not so sure on the Injector pump but I will do my own valve adjustment. That can't be that hard and they are easy to get to.

We"ll plan on a lunch. I'll stay in touch.


i don't like the waiting for a day because that old oil drains back into the engine and it is hard enough to get it all out betwwn the cooler and the sump. I'm gonna fix this so it works better.
John... you're a wealth of knowledge re Yanmar/Mainship... maybe you have an answer for this.. I changed transmission fluid today - siphoned 5+ qts fluid then went for drain plug - but there's a bolt (dripless/drive to trans) (1 of 6) that's too close to the drain plug to get a socket or wrench on... any suggestions about getting the drain plug out?

Hi JD ! i believe your MS is the one i will be closing on in Punta Gorda. The boat is still in " Stella" condition. She looks great. Would you be able to tell me anything about her that will help me . Im a Mainship aficionado as i just sold my 2003 Pilot 315 . Also i can share some recent photos with you. Im taking her to Long island within the next 30 days.
Sea-sons greetings.. I sold my MS several years ago.. I took very good care of her and she preformed flawlessly.. the couple who bought Gone Coastal did the great loop in the first year then to the Bahamas when they returned. They sold her and I've lost contact with her. We took several ICW trips, but not to the islands... Suggestions... stay on top of maintenance and any boat that size will have a ratio of 1 hour of use to 1 hour of maintenance... 1:1.. the engine was a perfect match for the boat and economical. A 2005 trawler will need TLC daily.. good luck with Gone Coastal or any trawler you buy..
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