New Albin in Deale MD

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Aug 9, 2015
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Albin 27 FC
We have just splashed our 1984 Albin 27FC in Deale MD. "Mazboot" is in very good shape, but will benefit from some hard-core TLC over the course of the next year.

We've already had her out on the Chesapeake Bay for a couple of short runs, and she has proven that she can take a chop, and a beam sea without too much discomfort.

We intend, of course, to be putting in some time on the ICW- North and South of here - and will probably be making a trip up to the C&D Canal later in the year, as our first longer voyage - weather, refit and retirement permitting.

Hope to be at TrawlerFest in October, it's just across the Bay from our home port, and there are a couple of seminars I want to attend.
Welcome to TF and congrats on your new purchase
Ok, is this the part where some smartass jumps in and says "pictures or it didn't happen? " LOL

Seriously, welcome aboard!
You'll find some great folks and useful information (along with a few smart asses and trivial nonsense) here.

So again, welcome. Now get some pics up!

Roger pix - on their way.

Thanks for the smart-ass warning, and the heads-up on trivia. Sounds just like my kind of place
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As promised to Off Duty - Here are the pix, so it happened!!!


  • Over the water.JPG
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I always wished we had that boat when I still had kids at home. What a great family cruised.
Welcome, I love my 27! It may not be the best liveaboard, but I've had the big ones and this is much more fun, cheaper, simpler, and much easier to just get in and take off. It handles great too. We take trips with it and the admiral wants to do the loop. I think we might just do that. I'm going to get a trailer for it so we can "shortcut" to the Chesapeake and the great lakes when we want to. They'll do 6 knots at less than 1 GPH, so we won't go broke, either. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours! Ben
Thanks Ben,

We bought "Mazboot" specifically for the ICW, and plan to be headed in that direction - Northerly or Southerly, as whim takes us - early next year, after applying TLC and shaking out the knots.
Also, wouldn't be averse to hitting the Hudson.

Let us know if you make it to the Chesapeake Bay; I'll reserve you a transient slip in Deale, and make sure we have ice.

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