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Oct 5, 2007
Is there a button to quickly exit one specific forum and get back to the overall llist?* Such as when you have scrolled down to the end and decided not to reply to that thread.
You can click "Main Page" up in the left hand corner.* You can hit your browser's back button.* Or you can use the "jump to" feature on the bottom right corner to jump to any part of the forum.* I hope that answers your question and Arild, glad you made it over here.
ok* so how about* adding the bar from th etop to the end of thread* for when th ethread gets to be long and ther are more than one page of replies to display? Saves scrolling all the way back to the beginning or having to jump toforum entry and start over again.
Not really sure what you're getting at. Ultimately, this is off-the-shelf software and while there are different configurations, I don't think we have anything that fits what you are asking. I think you are stuck with scrolling or "jumping". Won't be so bad when that hand gets better!!!
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