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Jeff Goldberg

Feb 18, 2017
Hello. I live in Calif. and own a 27 ft bay liner Timeless. I cruise the Channel Islands. I launch out of Ventura Harbor. I'm ready to finally find my dream trawler I've been looking hard for a Monk 36 or 42 Maybe 1998 thru 2006 depending on price. Would love to see one any info would be great Thanks Timeless
Welcome aboard. There is an active Monk Owners Association on Yahoo Groups there is a one time fee to join. I believe they would issue a temporary pass for a week to check it out. The year boats you are interested in were made in Nova Scotia and most were powered by Cummins 6 cylinder engines.
We are very happy with our 2003 Monk 36 Gumbo. We had a Camano 31 before and liked the single engine, we wanted fiberglass decks and a fly bridge, like the Camano, the Monk had those. We bought her in Annapolis in 2008 and cruised her to Louisiana. We have made numerous trips along the Gulf Coast including to the Keys, back up east coast of FL to Stuart, crossed the Okeechobee back to the Gulf of Mexico. Ageing Parents have necessitated our sticking close to home the last few years but we plan on more cruising when possible.
I agree, the MOA (Monk Owners Association) is a valuable asset, there is lots of information available from members, they hold yearly rendezvous on the East Coast and the West coast. If you have any specific questions please feel free to private message me.

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