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Slows not Bad

Jun 18, 2014
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Bristol Offshore 38
Just throwing my hat in. We are awaiting our diesel rebuild and off we go to the boatyard . A 1974 fixer upper:facepalm:. Bottom job, paint the hull and replace rub rail. First priorities!


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Welcome! Sounds like you have alot planned. Good luck with the upgrades and if you have any questions throw them out to the group. A wealth of knowledge on this board.
Welcome aboard, and let us know how things go with the fixer upper as the work progresses.
Welcome we are doing a 1975 34 DC Rebuild at this time it is interesting to say the least
Welcome aboard! You will get to know your boat intimately, and will be a better owner for it. Enjoy the ride, and keep your eyes on the prize at the end. It's all worth it!
Welcome to the forum. There's no better way to learn (or teach for that matter) than by throwing oneself into the college of boating experience. Don't forget to include fun.
Looks like most of us have fixer upper's! Welcome to the board keep the pictures coming. I have a 1976 Gulfstar MarkII with 4-154M Perkins. I'm hoping to be able to move the boat from the Chesapeake Middle River through the C&D down the Delaware and around to Little Egg NJ by the 4th of July.......
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